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Moqll lent this account to me but anyways. Yesterday the Legion ksed Falgren Bloodbinder and they are ksers. They have ksed Moqll many times and they are hateful.
[color=#000000]Rogue[/color]:Moqll Level 74
Druid:MatthewL Level 19


This is nothing new, they have always been this way.

The worst part about it is that there are more and more players just like them. Taranis used to be an amazing server for people that just enjoyed playing the game and accomplishing goals. Now it's one giant ball of hatred, selfishness, and greed.

I think one of the reasons people act like this is because the developers have bottle-necked the end content exp areas since Day 1. First it was Donn's room, now it's North Stonevale. Another reason is that some people are just childish and can't stand to see anyone else get ahead. Go figure.

Hopefully the new area in the update will be large enough to accommodate both the growing population and the massive egos of Generation Me.

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