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Selling some of my doubles and some extra stuff laying around. Yes my ex wife is for sale (just take for free :P)



Green hunter set( offer)
Blue hunter set // NO Hat (offer)
Black spidersilk set // No Hat (offer)
Black coven hat (10k)
Green spidersilk gloves (10k)
Green spidersilk hat (10k)
Orange spidersilk legs (5k)


Bow of exile (50k)
Golden quiver of rej (100k)
Mighty crown shield of spirits (110k)
Fellspine mount 80/10 (offer)


Fiery helm of veteran (130k)
Lesser earthstone helm (offer)
Lesser earthstone breastplate (offer)
Greater earthstone legs (offer)
Greater earthstone boots (offer)
Greater earthstone gloves (offer)
Heroic gloves (100k)


Grand ice blast ring (5k)
Grand longshot ring (8k)
Grand strangle vines ring (offer)
Grand lighting strike ring (offer)
Grand storm touch ring (offer)
Mystic silverweb charm of the earth (offer)
Grand braclet of venom (20k)
Kron's shrivewood ring (8k)
Kron's stonebark ring (8k)
Kron's bladeleaf ring (8k)
Kron's ironroot ring (8k)
Kron's ironroot charm (15k)
Kron's ironroot necklace (15k)
Kron's spiritseed charm (15k)
Kron's spiritseed necklace (15k)


10 super combos (8k each)
17 super knows (4k each)
36 heroic armor (1k each)
45 defense (1k each)
70 energy regen (1k each)
38 hp regen (1k each)
45 alt books (4k each)(buy all for 3.5k each)

Thanks for shopping (((:


Re: MyExwife-sale!

Dopefreshtrill wrote:Any pieces of the earth stone armour what would offer on price range from?

Iv'e been asking 1.1m for the set (i might be able to do little lower). I'm not to sure what id do each piece. but your more than welcome to offer (:

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