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Re: Rosmerta's Buying and Selling Thread

SELLING (All together only)------> Offer by mail in game to Seasalt ( lvl 183 Warrior)
- 1 Icebound Mystery Chest*2013* (bogan charms, for,frostgaurd fash, storm skimmers, instruments
- 2 Spooky Mystery Chest*2013* (witch hunter fash, harps, fellspine mounts
- 2 Phoenix Mystery Chest (Phoenix Staffs, Firestorm rods, Crest fash, Tor Faith Faeue charms)
- 1 Arachnid Mystery Chest*2014* (spidersilk fash, Halloween masks, spider instruments, samhain mounts)
- 2 Sincerest Mystery Chest *2014* (ardmair fash, dyrad charms,)
- 1 Lustrous Mystery Chest *2015* (Sanghal fash, Spirit capes, instruments, wizard and enchanted armour charms)
- 2 Nightrider Mystery Chest *2015* (Oblivion Steeds, Darkrider fash, Archfiend Wings, Cadaver Crows, Samhain Guides)
- 2 Frostbreath Mystery Chest *2015* (Cranford Spirit horses, Sacred fash, Windgliders, Grovehawks, Imp charms, Tribal crests)
- 2 Evergreen Mystery Chest *2016* ( rare boar mounts, highlander fash, razorback cape, warthog staff, Connacht Knight charms, pet tokens)
- 2 Solstice Mystery Chest *2016* (rare unicorn mounts, fash told, pet tokens)
Level 221 Warrior
Level 221 Druid
Level 182 Lure mage in progress (after this I'm never leveling again)
Fishing level 130
Cooking level 190
Clan Forever
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