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Re: killing support druids

this is the last what i ay to you ***:
you piss me off idont comment anymore in this topic idc thats it idfc i used the arena and even if u have speed boots idc i like killing but i think i always help ppl on glads so im not a *** not a *** (maybe iam even when to be gay is ok) i just killed zora and this topic was made for her to get that in mind that idgaf about who i kill...
i use to kill highers so i can get xp but arena gets boring anyways i will focus on lvling and idc what you do and when u dont want to be killed say me please stop and i will do some already do... i only keep killing ppl calling me a a..hole etc. just say please stop and i respect it so stop *** comment this topic
and zora i wont kill u anymore idc about that anymore so i dont have to be rude etc. ty
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