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killing support druids

SO only for you zora dont think just cuz u r a (nooby sdruid) supporter u having righs i dont got :(
and y should i care who u r when i mess in pvp theres also no reason to be mad with me or say i have no friends you dont even know me and who i kill is my thing
when i would be 200 i wouldnt need to have fun killing u and see u shout bs and trying to be funny but actually im 90 and i like see how u destroy respect (mine and yours) i would bet when u r dps druid i wont stop kill u :D its arena and thats how i do i use the chance to get u tho lvl and duel me so u give me xp...

thats how i do and i dont take games (except CoD and Bf4) serious not even ur shouts,,,
(CoD Bena clan FTW)

thank u for the funny conversation today!
Pleasure we are the human Race
Relentless lvl 125 mage (rosemerta)


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