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This tread is NOT for Epic to vote on me staying or going cause You got me band in the first place I know your opinion I quit the game cause of you and MadOnion don't Vote eater, I want to see if there is any people that care and If I made the right Chose by quitting, Maybe there is some people that want me to stay

Your Opinion counts



Out of all the People I did not expect to here Stay from MadOnion, I am very surprised but why would you want me to stay if you think I stole items from you, which I did not and will prove it to you some how. Which I realy hate to prove anything sence moastly I did not care what people think of me, until I got kickd, Now it makes me feel that I should care and this is why I am so late to respond to the Forums, cause I did not go to forums was kinda waiste of time for me, but now sence I don't play anymore I go to forums it's the only way I can clear my good name and reputation. I Always treated people with respect and usialy got respect back and when I see some one in need I helped the only ones I did not like to help is beggars cause I did not think they were active accs but was onky there to rip people off, you can tell thqt by seeing they are lvl1 and in High lvl places if they were active then they woukd be fighting and looting gold and making a name for them self not standing in a zone where they can't kill a single thing and just annoy everyone. BTW I never thought Tamplars or Templars Elites would get anywhere but am surpriced that you have done a greate Job at expanding the clan and I actualy give you thumbs UP you hqve done a greate job with the clans, all I was seeing is you constantly was geting members stolen by Epic, but I think your clan is as good as Epic or even better not because your number 1 for largest clan but because you have good control of the clan and respect your members and you are helpful to them, I wish that you will continue to be suxsesfull and I hope your members will not leave to Epic, cause they don't respect members and as you can tell what happend to me, and I thought I was unstoppable, but thats what happens when people spend allot of money on the game they get Admin to take third side, If I don't get enuf Votes for me to stay I don't think I would come back to the game cause to me it was always about people and helping people when I became strong, to do quests with items and sometimes Gold I did what I could, I have better games on my IPad but without people it's not fun to play for long I think it's important for people to be respectful to each other and treat it like a real world.


EnergyK wrote:Stay hecause i dont know whats going on or what he did.

There a 3 hours read post in support /Harassment ksing and scamming (sezar)
In that post you will see what happening its crazy what happend and who set it up and read all :)
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