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Re: Summer Event theories

I'm hopeing that there will be weather that ACTRUAL changes! Maybe we can play at night(depending on where we are in the world) and have it rain and be cloudy! :D
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Re: Summer Event theories

Like Chaos, I would love some actual weather in game! It would be great if it rained sometimes and made a rain sound and maybe a rainbow sometimes. It would be good if there were more gold farming bosses cos now majority of players seem to be way over 100 which means farming takes for ever these day. As to bosses, I have never even seen Hrung up and those sewer bosses are a damn bore to get to. They put a ley in OW at bridge in last update and I wish they would add more in sewers. I would love them to make a sea monster boss that meant players had to get into the water to fight it. Only water boss at present is Swampy. And as this is all impossible (as in the technical challenges of making a mobile game so one that can't use up masses of memory and storage), it would be fantastic if we could ride horses and they made a galloping sound. One day the technology will exist to make things like that possible to happen on a small cell phone, but I think Luuky, Cys, Red, Dusk Reaper and most of DS guys etc will be middle aged by then (and I will have long since 'Shuffled off this mortal coil'). I remember as a child, adults spoke of this computer age that was coming, but I don't think anyone imagined there would be cell phones that you could play moving games on. It is incredible to someone as old as me, because for better and worse the computer and thus the Internet has massively changed the world.

Re: Summer Event theories

Cysero wrote:Alternative ring to reaper ring, same to huntsman ring
And maybe a golden camo :D

be0wulf wrote:%50 attack speed ring :o

I find it sad that people equate Events = New Stuff to buy.

This game has been broken in so many levels that people are all so ready ready to spend in-game gold and real-life money for an event that should be about giving the players a respite from the normal grind of every day gameplay. As such, events have only introduced hardships to the players, both rich and poor.

I think OTM should evaluate what an "event" in an MMO should actually be for.

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Re: Summer Event theories

Agree, that is why I chose imaginary things like rain, horses to ride etc. While it would be impossible to introduce such things due to the storage and memory limitations of a cell phone, they could add a couple more leystones to the endless sewers and be a tad more generous with farming bosses. But of course they ain't gonna do that cos they want players buying plat. I am ashamed of what I selfishly have spent in this game so have stopped buying plat. I wish I hadn't of added up what I spent on plat since May 2012. So yes, the whole 'acquisition' obsession of the real world is alive and well in this game, but then the game is all about acquiring things for quests, acquiring a clan that will give you the best chance to get armour etc. It is all the time about getting 'things', and just like in life that is why some scam etc. (out of greed or jealousy of what other players have). It is also why no one believes you if you want to take part in a clan raid simply for fun and absolutely no underhand motive. What should be all about fun seems to have had the fun sucked out of it.

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