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Re: The tempest

LOVED your latest reply Magtura....and oh, was so delighted by the quotes you chose (all are deep favourites of mine!). And yes, oh how I fail to live by the greatest and most noble of those quotes, but rather always only the Macbeth one. Even ending up even bothering to converse with in some cases, bully occultists who would in the real world slink away cos some of us would have made sure long ago to simply beat the spectral out of them. And thinking about it more, the very fact they resort to a game so as to 'cyber' beat up any they perceive to be either weak or a threat, is proof alone of what they are in real life, nobodies desperate to feel they have control over others.

So yes, 'my sound and fury' is me the 'idiot'.....no question of it. It was realising that which brought my apology posts, not I hasten to add was it an apology to the scum elements in game!, but to all the many good and intelligent players who I respect, who have helped me and who have more wisdom.

I also thoroughly enjoyed your reply Keri and I take all you say. I am not surprised that most notorious thug in game was giving your levelling group so much hassle. As you say, your clan is strong enough to then come and stop it. I found myself in in the same situation but I was clanless (having left the clan that player is in, and he being one of the reasons I left). He cost me lix after lix after lix.....can you imagine solo training a mage on wyrms and that bit of scum showing up time and again to ruin your training. I could have asked high level players to come and assist me (friends in different clans), but felt that would be asking too much, also it would not have stopped him, as in he knew I was clanless and would resume his behaviour. That and his bullying of other players was the final straw for me, which is why I 'outed' the little spectral on here. By doing so I of course un leashed the wrath of his mage pal (The Ghost Of Xmas Past one), and also the few friends he has in your clan and his own. But I have NO regrets for reporting him, I just wish, like so many others in game that he had not been allowed back.

And Eli. I thought your Tempest response was 'cool' (as you Americans say). I did not respond simply because other and unknown players (to me anyway ) are creeping out of the woodwork and getting mad at me for thinking my love of Shakespeare and the importance of being able not always to talk in aggressive Bronx gang speech, means I am 'showing off' and think I am 'superior'.

As to the forum Tempest, which I accept I am to some extent responsible for, I have not posted again since even two apology posts merely drew more hostility. Now some alt of a well known and despised thug in game is using his alt (or his thug pal in another clan is doing it on his alt), to co the trashing me. While I am happy to stop posting if it stops this Forum Tempest, I reserve the right to reply to all posts on forums.

While my two story posts were done to simply lighten the mood as it were, they also seem to have enraged the half wit brigade and I have agreed to never write another. Not either of those stories alluded to any of these people what so ever, in fact as one of them was stopping me playing the game, they were a way to enjoy the game while I was unable to play it. I am astonished that some who preach to me about 'manning up' use every devious and cowardly tool they can to attack me and don't even have the guts to speak out on their mains but instead hide behind their alts.

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