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hey clan generals and chiefs in Morrigan...

Hello chiefs, generals, and everyone else,
I know that each clan is a tight nit group of players that help each other out and a lot of your clans are some of the best not only in morrigan, but in all worlds combined. If you have read any of my previous posts, you will know that my clan as pretty much gone inactive, and therefore i cannot promote new generals and such. Therefore i had a good idea...

I was thinking of creating a new clan that would be made up of representative from all major clans in morrigan. Of course this would be a clan its self and help members of this clan, but it would be a great way for clans to talk and discuss matters in Morrigan. Its just an idea. I was thinking maybe 1-3 members could be switch over to this new clan. They would still be active physically in there previous clans but on paper be on this new clan.

let me know if any clans are interested
Clan: EVO
xhollywood--Warrior lv90+ (i lv at least twice a day)
BlueGrasss--Druid lv31+

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