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CH birth announcement!

Hi most of you know me! Alot of you don't. I am inoue420 main heal Druid! Forgot my lvl it's over 115 lol

On 2-2-13 at 12:13pm my second daughter was born!
8 Lbs. 5 Oz. At 20& 1/2 inches long!
Mary Jolene
So if u are lvling with me or in a boss battle or whatever and I log on ya just know that it's not you it's me I have other lil itty bitty important matters to tend to! And I'm sorry ahead of time!.! :)) tyvm for all the friends that congratulated me in game and here! And all the love I feel from my good friends in CH. I will be on just not as much as before! love you guys! Ttfn

P.s. I Thank oden for this this game and a brake from real life!
And yes I'm norwegen :D

Re: CH birth announcement!

Good for you. Best wishes to the little gem.
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