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Bloodbinder Defeated on Arawyn

I don’t really understand how it happened but we did defeat the Mad druid. I want to say Thanks to Xeon (CerialKiller) who organized the fight. He had been working on the druid with other folks all day on Sunday and into the night. I happened to wake up and 3:00am and logged in. Xeon asked me to come help. So with my Ranger I ran to a spot where I could do ranged damage and avoid MOBs. The whole 15-20 minutes I was there I never saw Bloodbinder take any damage. He was constantly healing and casting bark shield. Well I had to go to work later in the morning so I told Xeon I would leave my ranger on attacking and go to sleep.

Well at around 6:00 am the next morning I woke up and I was still attacking Bloodbinder. But he was not healing or using any skills……and he was at 85-90% health. I was the only one attacking! Well I continued the attack adding skilled attacks and noticed that Bloodbinder’s health bar was going down slightly. I kept this up for a good 30 minutes and he was down to around 50% health. I really could have solo'd him but I wanted others to get him for the quest. I was stating in clan chat that I was soloing the big druid but I think they thought I was joking because no one responded at first…..and we do like to joke around some in our clan :D

Finally I explained what was happening and got some attention. I called ranged damage dealers. I was afraid that mele damage may somehow cause the druid to react differently so I called off the warriors and rogues. I had a druid nuking him and myself. A mage later joined in. As we were nearing the end I also grouped with a rogue so that he could finish the quest! There may have been others doing range damage. I’m not sure. I know that Ulath was there.

Well he finally went down. This was an hour after I had awoken. (4 hours after I began) The entire fight may have been longer because I don’t know when Xeon started.
Anyway I don’t understand why Bloodbinder was not using skills or charging us. Maybe he was out of Mana and we were not close enough to get the aggro? Or he was just plain bugged. Regardless it was an epic battle. I will take it! :lol:

Good luck and post if you guys are able to take him out!

Oh one of my clan members took some screen shots thank goodness. I totally didn’t think about it. I’ll post as soon as I get them.
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