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Re: Blacklist of known scammers and players to avoid


I do not have all the details, but have heard there were unreturned items from at least one player, as well as inappropriate invites, followed by a mass kicking of clan members from Pagan.
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Re: Blacklist of known scammers and players to avoid

I wanted to tell you that there is a little over 6 months I agreed to lend my king arc (that has won the event a Christmas) Nhdk darkangels that was in me.
Problem he never visited me and told me he had sold a Xxaritus.
I do not ask me to make to Xaritus de make me an offer at least that I finally recovered. thank you.


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Re: Blacklist of known scammers and players to avoid

In this world in m1cheal- level 43 :D

I notice someone had Natalia listed as a scammer, when I came to this world to escape clan wars and drama in Belenus, he or she <couldnt figure out which< helped me alot. At the time he was the nicest person I knew, he let me join he's clan at level 1, gave me lux, and helped me level. Later on I met kassoe, coolest person in henre:p. I use to check if Natalia had came online to return he's lux etc, but never saw him again.. People told me he was a scammer, but I don't see how... Idk I don't play in the world alot :)
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