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selling rings and skills

hello guys . i am selling these items.if u need them mail me my name is blasterblade.

:::::::::::::::: selling manuals::::::::::::::::
name of manual quantity
warcy- 2
ice attunent- 1
spring of life- 1
shield wall- 1

::::::::::::::::selling rings::::::::::::::::

name of the ring quantity

royal ring of doubleshot- 1(sold)
royal ring of longshot- 1
grand ring of ice blast - 2
grand ring of double attack - 1
grand ring of longshot- 1
grand ring of shatter- 1
greater ring of longshot- 2
greater ring of ice attunent- 1
greater ring of defencive- 1
greater ring of riposite- 1
greater ring of energy harvest- 1
greater ring of stinging swarm - 1
greater ring of sanctuary - 1
greater ring of frostbite - 1

if u want to buy any of the above mail me in game.thank you :D
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