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Prestige Worldwide Recruiting

Calling all adventurers!

Prestige Worldwide is going well...WORLDWIDE in an attempt to recruit you to join our ranks!
We are a fairly new Gwydion clan, created in late June of this past Summer.
We currently do all bosses including Bloodthorn with our alliance buddies in Relentless.
We just passed our 2 month mark of being peacefully allied with Relentless in an attempt to bring ease to the server. The alliance is always open to another clan joining.
Please mail Lady Von, Sniper2k, or Thukosis in game about joining our ranks!

sniper2k (222 ranger)
Spicy2k (190 rogue)
Slasher2k (190 warrior)
MasterBender (160 fire mage)
Spicy Mchaggis (212 dps druid)

Relentless Of Gwydion

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