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Re: Name 1 inactive person you wish would come back

Burzum wrote:
Kril wrote:Bur...

err, oh. I mis-read the thread title.

Say, we should start a "Inactive person you least want to come back" thread.

Aww sorry there, I came back kril. Someone needs to help do bosses to get people geared, like getting you your edl weapons.

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Re: Name 1 inactive person you wish would come back

There's one I particularly miss and that is Ungerman. Never met a more genuine, pleasant, sweetest down to earth kid in my life. Never shite talked anyone. Was extremely helpful.

There was also another person but for the life of me I can not remember his name. Was a Mage in marathdamane and later went to relent for like a month then quit. He was an older gentleman maybe in his late 50s-60s.

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