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Re: Introduce yourself Gwydion!

I've decided to make a more thorough introduction of myself:

I started playing the game in June of 2011 (right after release). I was quite excited about it because it was one of the first MMOs that actually looked decent on mobile devices. I created a ranger named Ace and leveled to about 10 and got bored. I decided to make a rogue... Here's where it gets interesting.

My rogues name was IceCream. The first person I actually kept a good relationship with was probably Neora. He always helped me and gave me things. I became a guardian in a clan that only a few players may know of called Templars. This was back in dustwither days. I can remember myself, a druid named Indira, a warrior named Proguy, a warrior named HATEtoLOSE, and a mage named Pegasus all taking down Incarnation of Donn for the first time. It droped a tanned darkrun jerkin so of course I got to keep it. Later on a man named Truth began playing. He was for sure one of a kind. I guess you could say he was the Kril of the old days.

Templars did not survive long. Soon came clans like AcidWarriors and Bloodbarons. Many of the high leveled (50-60 was considered high) players went solo for a good while. Then Bloodgrove rose. Indira (also known as LaVerne, LadyDiamond, and many others) led this clan to the top. While Bloodgrove was at its peak, I can remember a small little warrior named Plato. Ironically he was a platinum junky. He soon out leveled us all and joined up with Krannik to form Elite. At this time, I was around level 70. They dominated Stonevale and Bloodgrove for a good time. Then Plato quit, which led to the fall of Elite. Bloodgrove soon died and there was no "top clan". I searched for players to befriend so we could attempt to start again. I remember 5 players, one was a warrior named Conan, one a druid named Sweefish, one a rogue named Iceman, one a warrior named Octavian, and one a druid named Tanis. We 6 joined up and took on many bosses together. I leveled to 80 and soon Bloodgrove rose again but this time with a parent clan known as Solitaire. All my friends went to it, but I didn't. I decided to stay in Bloodgrove as a guardian to help build up players so they could join Solitaire. I leveled 7 more levels to 87 then decided to make a warrior. This warriors name happened to be AlmightyTank. Since I was a platinum junky, I got him to level 60 in a day using elixers and such.

One day, I was doing the Tam Lin quest in Stonevale, when happened to notice that Tam Lin's sword was usable. It had 1 slashing damage but no attack speed... I found this highly mysterious. I went to go and try it out and it killed mobs faster than the wardens weapon could even hit them once. I exposed this secret to many clan mates. It soon got patched by OTM which ended our fun.

Moving foward in time:
A while after the Otherworld update, I met a lame rogue named Vision. He seemed to be quite cocky but I decided to befriend him anyways. I leveled with him until level 139 and then I finally got into Solitaire again. A day after i joined, everyone was leaving for this new clan made by Sterk and BDAsFinest called Unlimited I believe. I decided to join it. I made many new friends including BDA that helped me out. This clan soon died down and Solitaire regained its reign over Gwydion. I can remember joining Bloodgrove AGAIN and meeting a rogue name xJawz. He always talked to me since neither of us had anything better to do. I became good friends with him.

Reality then blew up in my face. I quit for a year to catch up in life and some other personal troubles.

Present :
I came back at 139 and quickly leveled to 150 with a druid named Bentley25. I became good friends with him and we soon joined up with a rogue named Sweerogue to bring Notorious clan back to its former glory. We rose up above a clan called TheCoven run by Amberxo. We were doing fine until swee decided to leave for MarathDamane. This ruined the chances of Notorious rising to the top (at this time Relentless was the top clan. I had just come back so I didn't know much about them). I soon left for MarathDamane with swee so that we could get to higher levels. Swee and i trained together until about 170. I then met a man named Jmog. He seemed quite quiet and never really talked. Somehow I got him to train with me and we leveled to 180 together.

After I hit 180, i joined Relentless. I then began leveling with a minion named ForestGreen and my good friend Sweerogue. We all leveled together until I hit 188. I then had a period of inactivity (I was banned) where swee and forest both hit 190 and I was left behind.

I still haven't hit 190, but plan to do so soon enough.

This is the end of my story so far.
I would've given more detail, but it just so happens, my thumbs have become numb.

Re: Introduce yourself Gwydion!

My warrior is mentioned :D Hehe those were fun times almighty sometimes I miss those old Days :( was more about the game than he relationships back then but now you make a single move and 50 people are pissed off with you either way unfortunate but true i was good friends with your rogue but never Rly talked with your warrior until recently
Oderint Dum Metuant.

Re: Introduce yourself Gwydion!

Dahlo wrote:Hello I am just starting this game My toons name is Dahlo
I have seen videos of this game and now on the forums I live in washington U.S and glad to meet you all I am playing a mage so yeah :) can't wait to meet all of you

Welcome to Gwydion Dahlo ;)
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