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Re: Introduce yourself Gwydion!

Hello Gwydion! I haven't been on the forums in forever. I'm Neena (real name is Nina). I'm a level 149 -two bars from 150- rogue. I am the former cheiftain of GwydionGirls (a small girl characters only clan that was about to get really popular until it died off because I broke my ipad and was away for months. Like we had a bank and website and everything. *sigh* :( ). Anyways, I am very much addicted to this game. Sometimes I have to give it a break for a month or two so I can be a bit more productive in real life. I tried to get my boyfriend to play, but he said it gets too hard to level after a while so he gave up. I agree, leveling is nearly impossible without knows after a certain point, but the game is just too awesome for me to ever just give up. Other than playing Celtic Heroes, I draw, paint, write, blog, and am a part-time art student/ part-time retail worker (I do pricing and signing for a department store, but I'm trying to apply for a job at an art gallery or fine arts business). So, that's my little intro. I'm probably going to go on my new ipad and get myself to level 150 now. Bye! :D
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Re: Introduce yourself Gwydion!

Hello gwydion! Im new to the server Im a level 7 rogue because i love rogues. I have been playing for like 3 years Im not sure, I never really committed to leveling. I have some pretty good money making skills but bad spending I have had about 500k+ and never been past level 48. My favorite class is Druid, My IGN is Blows Im a somewhat fast leveler when I want to be just i get bored of a class really fast. Now im trying to make this my last try before i give up on this game. Looking for world xfer from rhiannon 100k

Re: Introduce yourself Gwydion!

Oh sorry leg didn't know you didn't like getting called leg, ok I'll stop calling you leg. Bye leg

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Re: Introduce yourself Gwydion!

Hey guys and gals many may know me I'm currently Allyknife. Formerly Allyme my original character. I began playing around late July of 2011 I didn't play many mmos so I was quickly off the original story line and just lvles off random mobs. Around lvl 20 I met Greg which told me to do the storyline and help boost my armour. The update hits with shale and I begin lvling again around lvl 38 I meet a player named,wolfbreaker which becomes my close,friend he went inactive a while so I was alone around lvl 40 ish I was lost and became a partial beggar asked a,rogue if,they had a weapon I could have. That rogue was LaVerne she gave me a blood grove mallet which upgraded my current weapon so I was gratefull. I soon acquired a diamond tusk from a boar I began asking what it was for and LaVerne tells me its for a weapon upgrade at lvl 80 or so. Seeing as I was far,from it I sold it to her and we became mutual friends. I was invited to bloodgrove where I met smoke/cigar, Gaby, truth, octavion,and Iceman which ironically was a female. We became great friends even though she was lvl 60 she allowed me to go train with her and lvled me to lvl 50. Later on bloodgrove became almost completely inactive. So I left afterward I,continued on my path of leveling. Around lvl 55 I met 2 warriors and 1,rogue Rorik,Galdoran, and Simon from the clan bloodbarons where,I met niff,long shot, and leg:) ,and brina. We were a small,clan rising efficiently we took down sv bosses,for our warden where we had our own main tank and dps Oralia they both had a idea of no competition and to stay a peaceful clan. Peaceful. Or not we had enemies. During this update it was the year of the scammers. Our chief had been scammed by dawningdragon super old scanner that doesn't not play anymore. Which led,to bloodbarons fall. 2 weeks after I heard bloodgrove,was back in action but and,parent clan has been made,which was solitaire. Laverne/indira invited me to it were new people had joined such as brad and lights who I can name atm. So I lvl to 90 where,I join solitaire. So many new,friends were,met and with that many enemies I lvled my warrior to lvl 148 but become bored,of the game and quit for 1 year once I came back I made my rogue which meets new friends and these new,friends are currently my good,friends now. Solitaire has lost control of bosses,and relentless becomes the strongest. Power,challenged by awakening then marath. I chose to follow friends in decisions instead of my own wantin. I met a great druid great friends that had a peace full mind instead of hate. Her name is Amberxo which helps me become more friendly and gets me to meet new friends and old allies' such as Kirby,camp,forest green,Cali, thesade, and now. I'm in black emperor which is a great and thriving clan. That has been my long journey forgive my grammar errors and mispells.
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miss all you gwydion civilians

Re: Introduce yourself Gwydion!

My name is TroyTheGreat4, formerly known as a castle drama queen :mrgreen: well I do have a very nooby backstory for ye old players!:

I started off pretty recent actually, during Beltane like 2012 or something (Maybe 2013 but lanrik and crown ages)
My friend introduced me to the game, but sadly his account (Alkilide) got scammed, he shortly quit and began to make excessive returns yearning for excitement, but then his character popped up in front of him and he drowned in sorrow.
Me (TroyTheGreat4) can be somewhat grouchy. I mostly spend my time commenting on everything I see, but I have some friends that are cool, and willing to talk to anyone :) .
During my leveling journeys you could say I was pretty lucky to find that when leveling in otherworld, I came across a rare spawn that only occurred as much as the high kings! When I killed the eye I dug inside its insides and found a sharp spear, but I lacked the experience to wield such a powerful weapon, I attempted to go to my humble house (Farcrag castle) to attempt to sell it, when a man by the name of Killerpro approached me with a sure enough grin saying he would buy the weapon, inexperienced with selling, I sold the spear for a charm that allowed you to shrink down to abnormal sizes, and a growth charm! I felt rich! Rich! 1 week after the man (Killerpro approached me with a huge grin, saying the spear was worth up to 1 million gold coins! I freaked! What I was glad about is this man had no interest in selling it, simply just using it for the enjoyment of a tank.
My soul goal was to achieve the role as one of Relentless' tank, so I practiced everyday fighting the hourly clan bosses, achieving unbelievable results! This meant a lot of me, but then a realized, I'm only level 100, what am I thinking, luckily 110 felt like enough to me, so I simply stopped, making Farcrag my home for good. Celtic heroes brings journeys unbelievably amazing, with an amazing experience for all players.
I do not believe in living an End-game life, people tell me it is very boring, thats why they make alternate accounts.
110 was amazing to me, I am currently master of pvp for my level, continuing to climb the ranks, as number 7 in Gwydion.
I knew pvp was my dream, having full event lux, and everything a noob like me could imagine. These were crushed, when I feel like I had been almost scammed..
Twas' during a time when I had lux, good stuff, and a friend suggested we do a little trade, he offered FULL spooky purple hunter for what I had on, I trusted he would give it back If I did not like the lux, so then I said "DEAL" and quickly did the trade. I was almost broke down when I realized I had lost my dream... I said "Hey lets trade back" I knew he would trade back, but he quickly mailed the luxury items to his brothers account, where his brother sold the lux, never thought it would end like this... I quit for several months, then made my triumphant return with cheers from old friends, I started off slow, but friends helped me recover, and made me where I am today, TROYTHEGREAT4

Re: Introduce yourself Gwydion!

Vision The Rogue wrote:
RyuNey wrote:
LeGenDzZ wrote:Hi, my in game name is LeGenDzZ, I don't like it when people call me leg. :evil:

hi leg XD

His true name is Legolas ladies and gents, be respectful

Noobs these days it's LeGoLaZz, Still makes it LeG for short hahahaha :D
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