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Re: All About Gwydion!

Fruitcakeluke is right (whoever you are) MD was a fantastic clan for me especially being new to mmo. Md was very competitive and we tried not to be selfish. The chiefs were sadly going through lots of troubles from business collapse, loss of family loved ones and long distance travel to different continents on the other side of the earth for our relationship + not to mention some harassment from an ex chief from Golgotha. It was mammoth! That made our gaming experience very difficult and those who were close to us; my deepest sorries.. But please know we were never meant to mirror our bad, ir experiences into game but it is very hard for that not to happen.. when you co-exist so close to others even in virtual reality things will ripple from outside, in. But those memories are buried in Morrigan and with both the old Chief's having gone their separate ways and finally happy with all the IR, crazy bs behind them. MarathDamane is now run by an experienced gamer Zaltar. We are a Guildlaunch run clan with a mature clan base that likes to focus on end gaming with a solid feel for the clan being a one unit other than separate individuals doing their own thing. We give advice on builds, we promote group leveling and off group leveling and like to communicate ways on making the team stronger with builds that compliment the team. We like to keep to ourselves and keep our team business in team!.
Thank you for reading :)

P.S I will change my signature on a later date... Signing off as Sinfear of MD, Gwydion.
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Re: All About Gwydion!

^^^this man speaks truth.

However, solitaire is back in business.
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