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Gaby - Buy/Sell/Trade *Might Sell Darkflame Set Edition*

Hello everyone, welcome to my thread, please feel free to make offers on anything I own, or offer me interesting items. Get a hold of me if you own something I'm looking for, let me know how much you're looking for or ask me to offer, hope we may meet an agreement!

Spectral Reaper Ring
Bastion Shield
Higher Than 80% Mount
Vanquisher Chest
Blue Lanrik Pants
Red Lanrik Pants and Boots

Lanrik Fashion
Snowbound Fg parts all colors
Hunter Fashion ( mainly the hunter pants )
Other Rare Fashion Items

Pink Hunter Set w/Hat & Spooky Boots
Red battlemist diamond crusher (2 hand maul, discontinued)
Second rarest bogan charm (purple and red)
Third rarest shaman bogan charms (purple, green, yellow, red)

Taking Offers On:
Darkflame Armour Set
Golden Camo Charm
Avalanche sled
2011 Sled Set 5,10,20,30,40,50,60% (Complete Set)
Festive Sleds 50k each
All 2011 festive wand and hats - make offers
Silver wisdom skull pendant -1.5m
Cold resist skull pendant - 666k
Silver health skull pendant - 666k
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