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Noob hating

I have a low-level alt I never play. Lately I have been going around asking for help, gold (50) or just generally please can I have some tat to sell. Responses have ranged from one nice player who gave me 500 gold( gave it back) to f off u noob. B nice ppl we were all noobs once. I have taken newbies and bought full armour or a mage full spells. I understand how annoying it is whilst playing u get asked for stuff, 100 gold or a cheap weapon or armour aint gonna brek it bank. Stay frosty:-P:-D

Re: Noob hating

Call me a noob hater but it really puts me off when low lvls beg me for gold and items. Even if those are small amounts why should i give my hard earned gold to some guy juz coz he asked for it ? Yea im evil,bad or whatever u call me but i wont give stuff to ppl who dont deserve it ( didnt mean exactly you juz the begging noobs in general)
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Re: Noob hating

Puppetmaster I was mucking around don't expect gold from anyone, ask Rimple it was so funny. Had my alt on cuz I transfer stuff to it as extra bank space that's all. Shepman I get annoyed too, just making a point that's all no offence meant to anyone. Stay frosty :-D

Re: Noob hating

Guess its just me, but even when I was a noob, I didn't ask for handouts. I earned my keep and still do to this day.

So what's next a welfare system for people who feel the game owes them something just like so many do in real life?

I am all for RAOK or Random Acts Of Kindness, but don't post and hate on people just because they don't give away what they were willing to work hard to get themselves. You will get no sympathy from me.

I give away items to people all the time....people who earn them.
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Re: Noob hating

Agree with shep and pup, you can't expect us to give free gold to any new players, especially when there are so many ppl begging now.. That doesn't make me a monster especially since Im the type of guy that doesn't use a mail box because of the cost of stamps.. Lol. There is a fine line between asking for help and asking for spoonfuls IMO
Even if someone level 140 asked me for gold, unless I knew them very very well and either it was a really low amount or they promise to pay me back I wouldn't give them any, so my point is it isn't noob hating :3
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Re: Noob hating

I used to give items to noobs... Until I was scammed by a noob which I gave items to before... I gave him full redclaw and that was when I had about 15k max... So I don't anymore, unless I'm really happy
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