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End of a free server?

Epona is slowly going to a dominant server with the clan evil clown slowly changing rules. Without any consequences. There members come late to a boss and try to say they weren’t late and when you do say something the whole clan rages at you. They say got to go then roll and run to another boss which is another rule they have broken and at certain bosses when they will have some one oog and when the drops land to all there clan members they would say that the oog person was late and when 1 or no drops land on there clan members they say he wasn’t late. Done many times they also pull bosses even when you say your on the way but then they let there own clan in even when you arrive before that person. Epona was fun while it was a free server now it’s like every other server.
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Re: End of a free server?

I would have thought that helping clannies over non-clannies would be pretty standard regardless.

Unless there are rules about starting bosses early or something.

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