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Re: Here's Something Cool: Rules!

ShadowKnight wrote:
Proteus Prime wrote:Was Proteus’s requirements a typo? It says DL, prettty sure its EDL like gele or have I been missing out this whole time? ;-;

No as of 6-26-2018, proteus remains a dl aura req. We talked about changing it but it never became a reality. As bt dies more and we get better gear the server over all dps will increase so I see no reason to change now and I doubt it would in the future.

That and Proteus doesn't have skills that target and dmg people without edl aura, so I think it was decided edl aura isn't necessary.

Re: Here's Something Cool: Rules!

And again just to reiterate, if ya have any questions feel free to ask any eg player. The rules are generally well known and they can help you out. Epona rules are subject to change as the server decides what happens. For example a year ago Snorri was all class roll, however after much campaigning and a server wide vote, it was changed to a more fair class roll.
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Re: Here's Something Cool: Rules!

Yeah, Epona is pretty friendly until you start breaking rules, and trust me you will hear about it if you do, so better to know the rules beforehand so you can play by them. And like Shadow said, most end game players can explain them if something doesn't make sense (someone even asked me why we haste at bosses if he has a haste weapon after he read the rules, it's a pretty simple explanation, and I had no problem explaining). Just keep in mind these rules change, not too often, but they do from time to time, because the Epona Community runs the server the best way we see fit. If you play Epona and you want a say in how we play you should ask to join our WeChat channels. I'll try and keep these rules as up to date as possible going forward, please check back from time to time to make sure you are up to date on rules!

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