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Re: Reaching out for Help.

Chaotic wrote:
Shivahh wrote:2 people sit beside each other, one begs one asks. There is a big difference between them, one is desperate the other isn't.

No. You are appropriating a negative connotation to a word that has none. One begged in a manner that you thought was not annoying, the other begged in a manner you found annoying or displeasing. This is really simple English man..

Shivahh wrote:Oh and as far as you making sense,I'm sure you have something to back it up right?

Go to a dictionary brother.

Shivahh wrote:Let's not look at people's Sig's and assume thing ;) I could've been your leader in nuada :lol:

I didn't assume anything and I was the leader of my own clan in Nuada since the first day Nuada was released, try again.

Lol someone has just found out what negative connotation means...
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Re: Reaching out for Help.

blinkdagger wrote:Theres an endgame player in epona that will give you 500k for 1000 oats or 10,000 oats. Just go to lirs reach. Thats easy gold...

and dont beg...

Is this still going on? If so who is it?
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