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Buying Goodies

Hello all,

I'm new here so please be kind.

I am trying to buy:

Energy Rejuvenation Kite, Mage level 100 OH Weapon, Jalan/Comrack Shrive Set

Please reply here or mail me in game if you have any of the above.

Thanks in advance. :D

IGN - HeretoCuddle
BarelylegalSS[/b] 230-Full EDL w/ OH Rogue

Re: Buying Goodies

Barely wrote:
TheCrusher wrote:I think I can hook you up with an energy kite 0.0

Sweet! What are the stats?

I don't remember haha whisper me in game if you see me or mail me :D

220 Warrior

King of Noobs 0.0

Goonies doing the truffle shuffle

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