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Soooo... I love this this game,I found it right when it came out but I got to lvl 30
and me and my friend sheala dominated the catas lol before anybody was that lvl. Well I quit cause it was so boring being the only one on server most of the time and during the time i quit we'll everybody came :cry: so I started back up again after a few (5 I think) months and i was like wth!!!!!! Lvl 80s, shalmont ravine,stonevale!!!! Everything was so different...and the biggest thing there were people lots of them too. My people skill are bad too even for a 14 year old boy.So I feel I havnt really done everything well or made good friendships but i want to start !!!! :|
I dont think im to this point with anybody but if i did something to make u upset,tell me and let's try to be friends!! :)

P.S. this is Redbane the druid!!!!!! Not drasticwaror. I gave that account to be best friend in real life that y'all can trust,hes cool. So this is coming from red!! And I really should make a news forum account :lol:
Drasticwaror lvl102+ warrior
Drastic lvl42+Mage
Drasticrogue lvl1+ rogue
Drastic ranger lvl20+ranger
Drasticly lvl 45+druid
Bankdrastic lvl2 Mage bank

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