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The Black Watch - Clan Rules


Since I will be beginning my first round of promotions from TheFortyTwa to TheBlackWatch over the next few days, I thought I would update and simplify the clan rules. Here they are:

:!: Rule 1: Don't swear, be polite, and respect your elders ;) In short be mannerly at all times, not only to your clannies but to others in the world.

This includes clan chat, say, and shout boards. What you say in whisper is your own business, but I warn you not to be abusive to people in private chats - if someone reports you for innapropriate whispering, I will not come running to your aide (since I can't verify anything said in whisper, unless said to or by me). They are also new chat moderation features being implemented in update 3, which may result in players being 'muted', kicked, or banned, if they are flagrant offenders. Minor epithets are not usually a big deal, just remember that there are kids playing this game!

:!: Rule 2 Be nice!

Try to be helpful and friendly to clannies, and others, as much as possible. Share the space, and try to communicate with others when creating boss runs or training in high traffic areas. (I will add to this once i think of some more good examples...) That being said, you don't have to LIKE or even be FRIENDS with everyone in the clan, you just have to be polite (see rule 1) and 'nice'. Noone in the clan is required to group with other clannies if they don't want to, and new members should not expect that everyone is gonna warm up to them immediately either! Over time, everyone will get to know one another and friendships will form - but it takes TIME. Remember that TBW is a long-standing and is (now) fairly large in size. Treat the clan as you would your office, or school - you don't have to like everyone, but we are all in this mess together so lets act like adults and get on with it!

Also, I have no interest in starting wars with other clans or individuals within on Epona. Unless some seriously sinister bunch of players really want to ruin the game by being jerks, I doubt this will ever change. So, if this is your agenda, you might want to start looking for a new home... As for internal conflicts, I encourage you to settle your disputes as best you can on your own, up to and including blocking each other if that is what is necessary. You may come to me if you seek advice or arbitration, but I do not guarantee I will be able to help, nor do I want to spend all my time playing the mediator.

:!: Rule 3 Have fun!

Self-explanitory. Plays hard if you like, but let's keep the vibe as casual and HUMOROUS as possible - it is just good for morale. Also, if you are finding that you are not having much fun, consider putting down your device and going outside for some fresh air - it does a body good... Also bear in mind that, while many of our members are what you might call 'hard-core' gamers, many of us also have jobs, families, and social lives that exists outside of Epona. I like to encourage you all to remember that REAL LIFE is more important than CH-life, so prioritize accordingly.

:!: Rule 4 To the victor goes the spoils!

If you get a drop in game, it is yours to do with what you will. No member is EVER required to give up an item drop that they receive to ANY OTHER PLAYER/CLANNIE, under ANY circumstances. If you wish to share the wealth, I applaud you, but you are not obligated to give away your stuff to anyone, regardless of their level or rank. If someone is telling you that you MUST, then you should let me know. If someone offers to help you defeat a boss in EXCHANGE for a drop, this is allowed, but they should work out these details prior to grouping with you. If you enter into this sort of arrangement, I would encourage you to do the honorable thing and abide by it, but I do not want members to feel like extortion victims...

:!: Rule 5 Until further notice, all New Recruits must be join TheFortyTwa for a brief evaluation period, unless they have my expressed permission stating otherwise. The minimum level for entry to TheBlackWatch is level 70, or 60 for alts, unless authorized by yours truly. There is no minimum level to enter TheFortyTwa, and all members over level 30 are automatically promoted to guardian.

There is no entry fee to join, although I would graciously accept the donation of 1 leystone fragment if you can part with one! I go through a ton of those puppies! :lol:

These rules are subject to change without any notice, and while the original rules are now officially defunct, the spirit of those rules remain. I am easy to get along with, and also realize that enforcement of any rules is tricky at best - but remember - I love this game, and I love this clan, so don't rile this friendly giant, or your time with us will be short lived! Lastly, although I have the final say on all decisions, if anyone has any suggestions to improve the rules or clan life in general, then I am all ears. Holla!


Hey Epona users, Shaggadelic here (Mage - Lev 57). Just wanted to let ya'll know that I have started an elite clan. I plan on keeping the membership small and cater to older and/or higher level players who are active on the server and love the game. Age isn't terribly important as long as you are mature and can carry a decent conversation. So far we only have 6 members (2 are my chars), but if you are interested and meet the aforementioned criteria msg Shaggadelic, MsShaggadelic, or Fullcircle and we will review your application. :ugeek:

Also I have constructed a rough draft of our clan rules, or '10 Commandments' which are as follows:
(please read and comment as they are subject to change and I would like clan/player input)

:mrgreen: The 10 Commandments of The Black Watch: :mrgreen:

:arrow: 1. Work Hard, Play Hard.

The purpose of The Black Watch is to master every aspect of Celtic Heroes, to help other clanmates to do the same, and above all to have as much fun as possible.

:arrow: 2. Stay Informed.

Clan members should listen to and respect instructions/advice of elder clansmen but also experiment and push themselves to 'be all they can be.' If at all possible, they should participate in or, at least read, the game forums in order to get the most out of Celtic Heroes.

:arrow: 3. Report problems.

Members of the The Black Watch also vow to report any bugs/errors/glitches/problems to either the support forum, or to the Chieftain or Guardians who will do the same. This will help ensure that Celtic Heroes will be fun and playable for all. In terms of exploits, once you have reported it feel free to take advantage of it until the devs fix it, as long as it doesn't affect other players gameplay negatively...

:arrow: 4. Be nice.

Members of The Black Watch will, at all times, be kind, courteous, and polite to clanmates, and all those who play Celtic Heroes.

:arrow: 5. No panhandling.

No beggars! Members of The Black Watch earn their keep, and do not pester other players for items or gold.

:arrow: 6. No whining.

I am usually pretty easy to get along with, and consider the wishes and suggestions of my membership in decision-making, but like it or lump it - Shaggadelic has the final say. It's my dime, and if you don't like my policies, you can purchase a clan banner from the item shop. Whining to get in the clan probably won't help you either.

:arrow: 7.Help others.

Since we are a high level clan, always do your best to help other players, particularly where you can't earn experience or gold.

:arrow: 8. Be patient

Although it may look like I am on a lot (OK well, I AM on a lot) I do not necessarily always have time to chat, help, trade, etc. so don't always expect a response from me right away. I often post to these forums while idling on the game so I miss messages sometimes, plus I work and have lots of things to do in real life... Try me again later. If I am not moving or don't wave/bow to you, chance are I am AFK.

:arrow: 9. Be polite

No swearing or harassing other players.

:arrow: 10. Redundancy clause.

If you have a problem with any of these rules, refer to rule six.


Entry fee into the Clan is one blackchalk, and the player should be at least level 40 in order for consideration. Exceptions will be made for exceptional players, however these players must plead their case to a clansman or guardian, preferably within the game forums, private message, or clan page, not in-game.

Although The Black Watch is open to suggestions from its membership to improve the clan, all final decisions rest on the final judgement of the Cheiftain, namely Shaggadelic, and are subject to change with little or no notice.
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Re: The Black Watch - New Clan

Thanks for the well wishes and whatnot everyone!

As for the 'my way or highway' Creed - yeah, but not entirely .. Like I said, I will try to be diplomatic and democratic as much as I can - I don't want to portray myself as tyrannical. But at the end of the day, I do call the shots and make final decisions, particularly when there are major disagreements - just like any other chieftain. I also don't have time to deal with petty stuff, so if that sort of bickering were to transpire among my ranks I would have no problem thinning them...

I really just want good-natured, easy to get along with folks who love the game and who can organize well enough to tackle some of the tougher bosses and future challenges to come.

The age requirement is more a guideline than a rule - my guardian Fullcircle is 14, if I am not mistaken, so I am not looking to exclude younger folks entirely (he is also quite possibly the second highest level on Epona, behind yours truly and gaining fast). However, since I am 32 years old, I prefer to have an older demographic in my clan - chatting with 10-year olds can be tiring for an old-timer like me...

Re: The Black Watch - New Clan

So our clan has grown a fair bit the last few weeks. I am hoping to cap membership soon, at least until the update and new areas are released since at peak times we often outnumber the enemies in dustwither...

Mainly, since we already have quite a few warriors and rogues, I am hoping to get some druids and rangers to join (and maybe a mage or two) and help round out our clan. We just got a new druid today, by the name of Notdragon, but a few more would be nice...

I would also like to get the clan membership to brainstorm on here about some clan activities and any other ideas you may have about how The Black Watch can improve its operations.

SO, if anyone has any ideas, post em!

Sincerely, your Chieftain

Mage - Lev 57 (over 3/4th of the way to 58!)

Re: The Black Watch - New Clan

Here are some ideas.

Help the lower levels level. Especially the new druid.

On those days we have tons of people online we need to go from boss to boss room killing the bosses and sharing all the loot.

Maybe someday we should have a go up on the surface and help noobs day? Like healing giving away crap (good for them), etc. I barely remember what it looks like up there :lol:

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