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Re: The Farmer's Journal

The sky …a deep navy blue, a light green northern lights wavy pattern eliminated on the water.

I steel framed bridge, black and grey in color provides patronage and auspice across a moat, leading to Crom’s whereabouts, no doubt to be one day opened for inspection on the overloard OTM approval in the incoming seasons. The Bridge, riddled with men in black robes, serving an allegiance to Crom in a “Homeland Security” fashion.

Yet under the bridge a Troll is spotted, oddly next to the Farmer. On close inspection their feet …bare seemed to be placed into the water of the moat…on closer inspection…they seem t….are they Fishing?

Troll: Hmm…caught two so far…you lack true grit

Farmer: (angered look, stairs into the water)

Troll: No lix?

Farmer: No lix.

Troll: Promise?

Farmer: You have the same eyes as I…why question? Besides, why send me on this torturous path?

Troll: You mean righteous path…you lack *

Troll: True grit (simultaneous)
Farmer: True grit (simultaneous)

Farmer: Always with the “true grit” know that my need before greed core, all of my friends and enemies have flown past me in strength. Leaving me to lone wolf it…I do not respect, nor understand your logistics

Troll: If strength was the only way to free Danu, we…I wouldn’t be in hell. If you want to lix…go ahea (line pulls indicating he has caught another fish)

Troll: Ha….you lack true grit…that’s three so far.

Farmer : (angered look, stairs into the water as if to will the fish to hook on his line)

Troll: The idea is, as you struggle to 150….you find out what Justice is on Danu, much different than Zek, in which we failed.

Farmer: well, I am tired. Our opposition has an organization structure that is so cohesive it allows them to ignore the notion of Justice and control the economics of Danu.

Troll: Yeah, plus the spy game had you broken the other night. You were so trolled, I was laughing my ass off., reminded me of old times on Zek. Hah oh (line pulls, indicating another fish) lol, thats four your weak, sad son of *stops (Looks at the farmer…fuming) You Lack Tru gr(interrupted)

Farmer: You need to leave me alone

Troll: Why when I am your greatest strength

Farmer: You are my greatest weakness as well

Troll: I am your previous life, your experience, I am the reason why your build is different from the masses, and the reason you do not need to be spazzed on lix like the bulk of Danu

Farmer: You are my Temper, you are the reason for me tearing so deep into greedy members, they cower, drop their allegiance and leave elsewhere

Troll: I am the reason you love that Mage, the reason you follow the Father of StoneVale, and the reason you can kill a four star 7 lvls above yours by yourself, without those restos, I am the reason for your insight….stand down Farmer

Farmer: Aye

Troll: You haven’t even made General yet. What the f (interrupted)

Farmer: I can’t.

Troll: What?

Farmer: I will be giving my physical frame to the Father of Stoneva..(interrupted)

Troll: What the fu (interrupted)

Farmer: Stand down, remember why we are here. For Justice.

Troll: Can we even define justice when you cannot see the enemy?

Farmer: I know it is not Crom, so stfu with that.

Troll: You have lost your way. What do you think is the “enemy” on Danu?

Farmer: The greedy toons who prevent he God of War from freeing Danu you clown.

Troll: Ha ha ha ha you silly idiot , where is your insight. They are victims as well.

Farmer : The greedy?

Troll: Those are the one’s you need to save first.

Farmer: You share the same sentiments as the God of War, yet to be triumphant and a rehabilitation center feels…feels (thinks)

Troll: Ambivalent is the term. Yet they are parallel features leading to Justice

Farmer: Hmmm, that is deep.

Troll: remember, the oppressor is usually in more pain than (interrupted)

Troll: the suppressed (simultaneous)
Farmer: the suppressed. (simultaneous)

Troll; And so, I ask you now…who are the enemies here.

Farmer: The dice runners!

Troll: SMH, “slapping his knee” you still lack insight. Look deeper. Those are victims too.

The farmer unbuckles his trench coat, placing his fishing pole into the mud. Running his fingers through his rarely seen thick greying beard…grimacing his brow.

Troll: That’s it….it will become clearer

Farmer: Hmmm

Troll: Yep.

Farmer: That is soo deep.

As the Farmer stands up, so does the Troll. The Farmer’s fishing pole suddenly yanks itself out of the mud as if it is being pulled…the fishing pole jumps in the water…presumably pulled by a fish and spurries away into the water.

Troll: Hah ahhaha….you lack true grit

Farmer: But the fish are victims too! Hahaha

Troll: Yeah right.....smh

The Troll then becomes transparent…ghostly…no doubt a cue that he is to soon disappear

Farmer: How am I supposed to kill Quigley, the Scavenger, Cabry and Ealdwin then?

Troll: (picking up a burlap sack with a few fish) kill them? Hahaha you lack true grit

Farmer: always with the true grit /nod

The Troll slowly begins to disappear while reaching a hand outward to the Farmer..

Farmer: Ill be back once you are completely Frozen, remember you owe me and explanation of the Politics of Danu, and a deeper understanding of the Man you sketched in the Journal…this God of Danu, or the “Right Arm” appears to a pivotal giant in your future…that being…said…try not to scare away anymore folk…

The Farmer puts on brown shoes…reaches into his backpack then removes the shoes, at the same time the Troll disappears into thin air.

Farmer: This coat these shoe are so worn.

The Farmer changes his attire, while modeling his look , using the water as a mirror…red…blue…then throws on a straw hat. Winding up his amulet and ring..a red glow illuminates from his frame while a foggy green mist reverberates from his hatchet, passed down from one of the Double Dragons.

Jumping from under the bridge his places his blue pitchfork, in mid air, into the side of the bridge, cartwheeling and catapulting himself on to the bridge in a Parkour fashion, landing on one Blackstone lying him flat and sticking his hatchet into the collar bone of another Blackstone standing guard. While completing and landing his cartwheel. .”Shwack” …Shatter…Rupture, D. Attack, Swing, Sweep, Pummel

Farmer: 27 for lvls to go…aye.
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Re: The Farmer's Journal

The tavern doors bust open…a Farmer swaggers out the doors, obviously in a drunken stupor.

Farmer: whhhhoo wooo whoo needs those fuuuuc…..who needs Lix (hiccup)

A lady and man who were adjacent to the door, back up…one lady stops playing her flute…the man stops dancing.

Dancing Man: My friend!...Join us and Celebrate Danu! Dance with me! You seem down in the dumps…. what joy can one produce by copying my dance moves! (motions to the lady nervously) My’lady…play that tune.

The Farmer…bellicose and belligerent throws 1 K gold at the lady’s feet.

Farmer: YEAH!...pl..(hiccup) play that song WENCH! (Huccups….stumbling on the floor outside the tavern)

Lady: Um… please do not hurt us… (grabbing the gold coins on the ground)

Farmer: ME??? I am His RIGHT ARM Wee(breaths deep)..WenCH …(hiccup) I AM THE HEART OF THE GOD OF WARRRR …HEAR ME ROAWR

Dancing Man: Please calm down…. Please (interrupted)


Farmer: WOO needs LIX (hiccup)…Stupid chef gives me good XP..I got PIES for sale, BUY my PIES. (shoving the pies in the face of the lady)

The farmer stands up ..Teetering back and forth, backing up into the man..who catches him up under both arms. The farmer stabs his blue pitchfork into the ground…using it as a crutch, holstering him upward.

Farmer: (clears throat) er..sorr, er SOZ…please take my gold…I have ..I am rich…take it.. My Lady…play that tune.

As the lady plays, the Farmer begins to nod….the man holding him up still becomes relaxed.

Man: The poor Farmer has drowned in his sorrows.

Farmer: yeah..(nods) heah…ugh…yeah yeah (bobbing his head now, catching the rhythm of the tune) Yeah uh huh, I like that (hiccup) Ok ok …ugh..I got it lemme go

There once was a man, his name was Jack

His brother was Nasty and Sick

The two were close, grew mighty in stats

And both were raised “true grit” (hiccup*)

The Farmer would follow behind the giants

To marvel there pummeling hits

The Farmer would fall behind the giants

For the brothers were growing from Lix

The Farmer was joyed, so overjoyed

When Jack bestowed him a Toy

The Hatchet of Jack, an adamant Axe

The Farmer, no longer a Boy

The Brothers grew strong, and switched their clothes

Lanrik, to Pirates in Fashion

Passing 150, no longer two men

The Brothers were now Double Dragons

Then Sick turned cold, and Jack turned old

And argued from treasures in fits

Who would have thought the day would come

The Double Dragons would split

And Danu weeps from a family torn

Two brothers no longer a team

And M_____ would weep along with Farmer

Which brother? In which we should lean?

One in his Prime, the other a Pillar

One is for justice, the other a Killer

Both Dps I can’t tell who is bigger

The Farmer ‘s aloooooooone,


I wish they, were…um

Together. (hiccup*)

The farmer, pitchfork gives way…and the farmer stumbles forward…toppling over the crates as the lady jumps out of the way.

Dancing Man: Oh for Danu’s sake…I thought I had him is he ok?

Famer : ZZZZZzzzz…. ZZZzzZZzzz

Lady: Heh…the kid is sound asleep. (taking off his straw hat and pushing his hair to the side)…Should we rob him?

Dancing Man: Yea…wait..just let him sleep..we have the 1k. Something tells me, he is just a bit sad.

Lady: Aye

Dancing Man: Aye.
World: Danu
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For Liberty, and Justice for All.
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Re: The Farmer's Journal

In all the time I have spent playing this game I have found only one person who has this gift of taking this game to a new level, not only here on the forms but in game. If I was a betting man I would win on guessing who this Farmer is.
But I am not a betting man, and if he wanted to be known he would have already said.
Please make more Mr. Farmer.
Who knows! You just might change the way others play and give new meaning to the ones who no longer sees any point.
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