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Re: The Farmer's Journal

I have surely lost my way….yet the first step towards enlightenment is the self awareness of one’s place in society, the forces of oppression and principles entangled with ignorance that acts as axioms that has lead me to an early plight:

To my unborn daughter, take heed to these journals, spot thy contradictions and form your own path, for repeating the action of your forefather will lead you to the same triumphs and tragedies I have experienced.

A Farmer sits on the edges of a fountain, in a busy market, persons act aggressively, shoving worthless items into my view and asking for items in which I struggled hard to acquire. Patients wears thinner than ashes of my left-handed torch, to which has a perpetual fire that seems eternal.

I have spent three lonely days by myself. Self banished from the army over a dispute of a General requirements to carry Idols to battle, and my own principles for survival in using all of my gold for an elusive heroic amulet has caused my own principles to act as a double edged sword. Cutting me out of an army that has provided some support, and some plight, I now battle sense deprivation, reeking havoc on pirates in an anger induced warcry so intense, I had not noticed I had increased my strength into my early 80s.

I have been saved by the God of War. I take refuge now in, an enormous army. When all hope was lost she appeared to me, floating on a broomstick at the entrance to the Otherworld.

Farmer: I seek patronage. Your reputation has preceded you, for Greek mythology claims you to be son of Zeus, yet you appear as a Woman, a Motherly figure. According to the myth of the Celts, perhaps you were mistaken for Modrod, which is the Goddess who gave birth to Mabon. She acts as the coming of the Second Harvest and Fall Equinox for Danu, thus a Farmer like me, was destined to follow you to the ends of the earth.

GodofWar: You have survived and that is all that matters. I am sorry for your three days of loneliness, yet let us be strength based. Take refuge in our army. Yet, let me provide you with some enlightenment.

Farmer: Sure…

GodofWar: These Idols you argue over with, with your former General.

Farmer: Yes..

GodofWar: He is right, you are wrong. Yet your former army still provided you an injustice.

Farmer: How so?

GodofWar: You are much too weak to use funds for Idols, yet later in your life, when you become strong, they will be of great importance. This lack of information is what you suffered from. Once you have acquired a minimal amount of strength and gold, the assurance of you truly bringing justice to Danu will depend upon the amount of Idols you carry into battle. Write this down on the inside of your smuggling collar

“One of the most pervasive and elusive forms of oppression is lack of information and, or misinformation.”

The Motherly figure then sings a tune, holding a note that ascends so high that it fades out of my ears in resonates into my soul, shaking my spine like piano string when struck by a lasting deep chord…

The Farmers eyes begin to blurr, then refocus on tiny particles surrounding me, atoms aggregate and spinning around the Farmer rapidly. Like thousands of hummingbirds…then, time begins to lag…er stop…sputter and intense slow motion event occurs in which the farmers eyes appear at act as powerful sensors in which eyesight is magnified by 100….million times sharper.

Counting…7, 7, 7 nuetrons, electrons, and protons spinning around a nucleus becomes in the view of the farmer…, it appears as if I have lost my sense of self, or discovered that I am part of something, much more massive than I. For these brief seconds I become indistinguishable between Danu and myself. The Farmer blacks out. Waking up on the ramp ascending from the Otherworld to Stonevale…

Welcome to the Clan
Can someone help me kill Luther
Who’s your main
Thank you so much

The army that has taken me in carries much more welcoming tone than the one in which I left. Critical consciousness is gained in the form of knowing that the greatest asset a Clan can provide is not gold, not armor, not weapons…tis information and a sense of belonging. Oh the irony, for the GodofWar greatest asset is her non judgemental disposition, yet her armor alone was powerful enough to kill me thrice over if she sneezed on me.

60 thousand gold pieces the Farmer counts formulating a new strategy. I am to murder Pirates until they are no longer useful, then travel to sewer system under the castle and fight those who’s appearance is the same as my own. The shop requires I gain up to 200 thousand gold pieces for the amulet that will change my life. Until then I will forfeit all meaningful items from the stronger beasts I fight if I view others burning through idols, for it is the only way to show my gratitude to be allowed to join forces.

Warmly, Farmer

P.S. The word Newb appears to be a title fleeting. Where I once felt that it encapsulated my existence, I feel now that it only grasps a part of who I am today. My steady income which used to be reliant on the selling of green presents to the upper classmen now proves ineffective, others have doing the same has inadvertently drove the market value down to 25g per, to which I made a healthy salary at 100g per…all no doubt due to the misinformation, as the GodofWar so enlightened me upon. I now ruminate on new forms of employment and ways to acquire gold to reach short term and long term goals.
World: Danu
Class: Farmer
For Liberty, and Justice for All.
Son of Dorn
Guardian of Nitro

Re: The Farmer's Journal

/Crane shot hovering approaches in bird eye view

Scene: Dark wide vast Cavern

Sound: drop……drop…….drop…water falls from the ceiling into a vast lake

The Farmer sits next to a crate, hearing the murmuring of pirates in a hyper vigilante state. Shocked on how many of them I left burnt and in pieces, their disposition seems pensive, for they are now fully aware of my dark brown appearance, my sullied outfit drenched in their comrades’ blood, and the fact that they can not stop me and the mere sight of me is a confirmation of their death, surely a closed casket wake afterwards and that is even if their body parts are recovered in time….

For now, I let them live, for they now offer little in experience and I am at another turning point.

“I should head to the sewers to seek new and fulfilling fights..” I mutter..

At age 89 gaining new strength appears to be harder than usual. Slaying pirates gives little, while the forces under the castle appears to be too difficult to freely rampage…

Ruminating, I peek at the inside of my collar, for inspiration, the words bestowed upon by my Chieftain reads:

“One of the most pervasive and elusive forms of oppression is lack of information and, or misinformation.”

The Farmer grumbles at the words for they encompass wisdom that he cannot yet grasp, yet in this quiet moment he discovers an unknown impetus which causes him to reach out to his new clan members..

Farmer: How do I become great…I grow tired of my weakness




Farmer: What should I concentrate in executing properly; I have learned new skills, yet I am unsure of what to train in

Do you have double attack?

Farmer: Yes

That is the best skill, someone mutters

Not true…place all of your skills in shattering your opponent

Rupture…that as well

Farmer: What is rupture?



The Farmer dives into the vulnerability of his own weaknesses, amidst the cries and laughter; they are some who bridge the gap. The words that his Chieftain bestowed upon has now taken root for now it translates in:

Expose your weakness to your family as a sounding board and those who remember the plight of the newb will close your open wounds, stuffing it with information that will heal the scars of ignorance and send you on your way to greatness.

The Discussion ends with some clear-cut lessons to act upon.

Use your Book of Alteration to restructure your training so that shatter, pro stance, defensive formation as the strongest.

100 dex is a waste. Place points into Vitality and strength, 76 focus is enough, hold there.

Set aside gold to buy a skill called Rupture

Set aside time to train in the wielding of an Axe

The Irony, if this is amazing, for I have no axe, but must prepare to buy a skill that renders my sword useless and banked. Yet my clan carries more kindness then my former and although I am laughed at perpetually, I find solace in some of my new Generals, for their words carry the conviction that is at the very least firm, and partially outside of my walls of intelligence.

Before I can utter another word, again Danu places me in a position of action

Beast figure approaches: “Selling tombs, rupture, shatter, skewer”


I man in my clan offered the skill rupture for 20k gold before I knew what this meant. I weighed this in my mind and refused due to my deep-rooted goal of the elusive heroic amulet. Then another man, a beastly figure in another clan, races by me causing uproar with the pirates, sending them into frenzy with all pirates aggregating around him as he mercifully kills multiple pirates in fatal sweeps

Farmer: How much?

Beastly figure: 10k?.....(While destroying pirates, unflinching)
Farmer: 10k?.....

Farmer: Ugh…Sir life is hard without regen, I will kick myself later, yet I set a goal for Heroic Amulet. Ty for your offer yet I will pass.

Beastly figure: Your loss.

The Farmer watches as the man disappears, leaving an instant graveyard of pirates, with one pirate the only one in a black shirt, laid stretched sideways cut cleanly in four pieces.

Uugh. Did I make a mistake….this rupture skill. Should I delegate gold to this and momentarily set myself back? 70k saved, 130k to go for the heroic amulet.

The Farmer races to the castle n search of the powerful man again, for he provided a price that was lower than my own clan mates. Stupid for me to pass!

He is not here, where do the strongest go? If I call out to my clan, will they buy before it I?

He must be in the carrow..carrowmore..the tunnels, here the creatures are extremely strong,,,he must be here

There he is!

Farmer: Forgive me for my lack of conviction, I save for the heroic amulet yet your price is too good to pass, I apologize, do you still have this rupture?

Again, Danu then provides another instance of patronage and warmth for the Farmer…for beyond his walls of intelligence, she yet again shows mercy

Beastly Figure: You know what I…I kind of I like you…you know what, Here it is for..


Farmer: 5k!?

Beastly Figure: Hurry..my mind changes with the wind.

The Farmer reaches into his pouch skewering for his gold giving the man 5.5k and receives the Rupture book. Too excited to speak correctly he utters thank you in grammatical error fashion.

Farmer: Sir you shown me kindness, when I am at your strength I will do the same to those who rise after me!!! I fight for Justice!!!

The powerful man laughs , then a cold tone, as well as the air surrounding the powerful beastly figure washes over the face of the farmer….

Stifled, the Farmer repeats…

Farmer : “Thank you so much Sir, I will fight to change the climate of Danu, I will bring Justice to this land and bestow kindness to those who come after me…”

Beastly figure: Heh…young padawan, you see me as the Prime of strength, have you ever thought what it took me to get here?

Farmer: Now doubt Justice and good Will Sir…(interrupted)

Beastly Figure: Have you ever considered….the Dark side.

The Farmer pauses. Confused he becomes hyper vigilant, feeling a sense of fear washing over him, tightening his spine in the same way as the climate during my visits in my training sessions with Balmon.

Cue Music: Instrumental to the Beatles “Come Together plays, increasing in volume in backdrop”
Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8LZGQ4MkvQ

The beastly figure then throws a staff under his feet nonchalantly, bright golden with eyes on the staff beaming a bright red. Sparks crackle underneath his feet as it appears as he is revving up an engine, as fire blazes from beneath his feet, his appearance, menacing exhibiting an aura of deep pain, evil and torment.

Have I made an exchange with a demon, the farmer muttered? Good and Evil, the opposite sides of a coin, so close, yet so polarizing. The Beastly figure floats aside the farmer and whispers the following words, which reverberate through his entire frame like 22. Caliber bullet that rattles like a ping-pong ball inside one’s ribcage when exerted from a pistol when fired at the correct angle.

Beastly Figure: “Sometimes the brightest light can be masked by the cover of darkness. Be bright enough to know when to let your light flicker”

The words, so delicately projected from the beastly figures lips, shaken the farmer so deeply that he stumbles backwards drawing his sword in instinct, for he has gain awareness that his exchange with the beastly figure has brought me to cusp of pure , raw, evil.

Farmer: Um, sure, yes..Justi..Justice? er..thank you very much…

Hack,,,Hack…. Farmer uses a cheap and worn axe begins to train, and gain an understanding of the skill rupture, hacking away at a straw figure next to the castle bank teller.

What happened is beyond my understanding. All I gather is that the beastly figure provided me with help, yet introduced a perspective of throwing my principles away in pursuit of strength that may one day change me into a ruthless wealthly and menacing beast such as himself. At the very least I gather that this beastly figure laughs at the notion of goodness, yet his character is attractive. A very dangerous man..indead.

Hack..hack “Your axe ability has increased to 122”

Warmly, Farmer

P.S. I now have a hard time sleeping. I dream of fields of wheat and pasture riddled with Oxen. My plan now involves saving for the Heroic Amulet, collecting items for the warden old timers again in pursuit of Astral armor and an Axe to use this new skill with. The beastly figure stays on my mind, for my encounter with him was fortunate and unfortunate at the same time. I now venture underneath the castle to fight the Hawkhurst for strength, gold and in pursuit of reaching 100 tiers of strength.
World: Danu
Class: Farmer
For Liberty, and Justice for All.
Son of Dorn
Guardian of Nitro

Re: The Farmer's Journal

I belive he was referring to nitro, i honestly belive that OTM should hire you to make there stories if they were only half as good as you...
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Re: The Farmer's Journal

The castle is quiet….for once. For it must be late, the very last time the Farmer was here, he was forced to block others from shoving worthless items in his face.

A farmer leans upright adjacent to the castle fountain, hoisted up by his wardens blade, using it like a bicycle kickstand, in a failing attempt to look awake and alert. A long day preforming perpetual genocide on Hawkhurst smugglers has proved successful. Seven chests sold faster than new illustrious lanrik garments. With one eye open and the Farmer’s failing attempt to stay awake, he tucks in his most valuable possession inside of the collar of his leather and fur trench coat, his cherished heroic amulet. Oh the irony, forty levels of filled with murder in order to attain an item that has the title of hero… he is aware he is far from having the title yet he is certainly on his way.

His right hand, holding his journal partially opened…appears to be a sketching of a giant, a physical representation of the God of Danu. Someone, who anointed him to Guardian earlier in the day at the Tavern. No doubt this force of nature will most likely be entered in his next Journal entry, but the God of Danu’s presence appeared to be so overwhelming the farmer chose to simply draw him, for he wanted to capture his greatness and was deeply honored for his encounter and dealings with him…

Pg. 24 Farmer's Journal illustration.


Be sturdy, young Farmer….but are you truly young? The Farmer’s smugglers attires now prove to be an obvious coping strategy to obscure his age. For it hides the scars…scars of another world. His left eye, slowly closes as he falls prey to a deep and pervasive REM sleep, immediately diving into a free fall of a dream.

Left foot is firmly placed in “Newbness” and the right foot firmly placed in “On my way” A suit of warden does not release one from newbness, it only confirms newbness if one thinks he is free from this label.

Stay thirsty, young Farmer

The acquisition of level 100 is an achievement celebrated by the hearty, yet still encompasses the aura of a Novice. The road to this mildstone In the Farmer’s deep sleep takes him to a land far away, far into an apocalyptic future, where humans are not the egocentric land enforcers in these celtic times.

Inception occurs.

The Farmer finds himself lying in a Field of Wheat. The Heaven of Legends who have reached the pinnacles of their class in their respective time.

Ominous Voice: Heh, Young Farmer…your new name seems fitting. Your Journal still amateurish, those of us in the old word of the future know it well. We grow tired of your falsehood, you act as if you are not destined for greatness.

Farmer: What? Where am I, am I dead?

The Farmer sits up in the field of wheat to notice his armor is all black and sword is different. He feels different. He looks around to see he is surrounded by Oxen, infact thousands of Oxen. Talking Oxen.

Bright. So Bright.

The Farmer is suddenly lifted 100 miles upward into the sky rapidly….no doubt this dream carries the context of him in heaven for a short visit. For the light around him is so bright he cannot tell north from south. He is then surrounded by 13 dark figures and for some odd reason the names of these figures he instantly knows.

The Gods of Zek Appear


Gildurath: Ranger Cheiftan and Leader to Ascending Dawn
Syphonlick: Shadow Knight, Lizard master troller
Cannon: Druid, Officer, Database Master
Igelei: First Shadow Knight of Ascending Dawn
Dreddid: First Shadow Knight of Ascending Dawn
Bittsie: First Cleric of Officer of Ascending Dawn, First Love
Jefferz: First Necromancer of Ascending Dawn, high DPS rank on Zek
Sevh: First Monk, Officer of Ascending Dawn
Eiryinn: First Cleric, Officer of Ascending Dawn
Fourarms: Anonymous Monk
Astatine: Ranger, Highest Ranking Officer of Ascending Dawn
Moordred: First Tank, Officer, and General of Ascending Dawn
Sihk: First Monk
Melitlee: First Tank, Officer, and General of Ascending Dawn

Farmer: Where am I? Am I dead? Who are you?

Bittsie: The poor guy hasn’t a clue, perhaps we approached too soon

Siphonlick: No, I been watching…he made Gaurdian at 87 which is too young, that God of Danu sees what we see. And besides, the idiot keeps calling out for us in his sleep.

Jefferz: So this is what Ox left behind? How the hell does this work?

Fourarms: I say we hack into his world and destroy it…I am tired of tending to his house.

Moorded: Who would have thought…he went blue. They are some Sempers…but the majority are not real Marines

Melitlee: Yep

Dreddid: All the worlds here are blue, they only fight in the castle, and cry in the arena

Gilduraths: Guys…chill it is obvious that he has no clue

Igelei: What a waste

Cannon: Why are we here again? Wasn’t it him who let us down?

Sevh: So this is what happens to those who almost make it… shame

Eirynn: Rubs the back of Sevh..”He is in a better place now”

Gildurath: Bittsie is the only one who can handle this…

Melitle: Yep

Bittsie: Sigh

One of the figures, slowly approaches he farmer, who is by this point, in a point of constricted trauma…so frightened that he lay on his back suspended in air, rattling

Bittsie, a small dwarven princess..in bright blue and platinum armor, kneels down and cradles the farmer.

Bittsie : Poor child, are you ready?

Farmer: For what…who are you? What is going on…please…please

Bittsie: You keep calling me..in your sleep.

Farmer: What? All I have been doing it fighting for justice on Danu

Bittsie: begins to cry

Gildurath: You are the only one Bittsie…go on, tell him.

Astatine: ….

Jefferz: Yep

Farmer: ….

Bittsie: Sigh…we are the Legends of Tallon..Zek

Igelei: You mean Zek

Bittsie: Fine! Farmer

Farmer: Yes..

Bittsie: You may not understand this, but you have been calling us ever since your boat crashed on Danu, we were waiting, until you were invested in Danu and your physical frame was strong enough, for the remnants of your soul is asking for closure…it is the only way for you to continue without burning out in your new form.

The Farmer’s eyes widen…..for a brief sputtering moment…he sort of understands then free falls into an abyss of confusion.

Bittise pulls out the farmer ‘s journal using only her mind….The Journal pages start to levitate….pages turning as if a ghost was reading it.

Bittsie: Note your P.S. portion in your journal entries, for a while you kept wondering where you came from, how you got here…who were the others in the boat.

Let me re cite your own words

Journal entry one:

P.S. I still do not know what year it is, nor do I remember who I was before waking up on the beach.

Journal entry two:

P.S. I still do not recollect who I was before I came ashore, but I found my boat. And the boat is too large for only one to operate as the four sets of oars suggest others came, or tried to come with me. Perhaps I will meet them one day.

Journal entry three:

P.S. On a reexamining of the boat that took me to shore there are only three sets of ores, and not four in which I previously thought.

Farmer: Yes

Bittsie: Your entries afterwards appear to have you losing interest in your past. This was our cue to come and give you closure.

Farmer: Why come when I lost interest? Why not come when my curiosity was at its peak? I haven’t thought of that boat for a while.

Bittsie: Because you may have gone back if we reached you sooner…and things are different….changed.

Gildurath: We went to Pandemonium. This was the army that destroyed us…and you. It is similar to the hardship whenever someone leaves your current army to follow that tiny twitching man.

Reference: http://www.Pandemonium.cc

Bittsie: Shhhh

Bittsie: You...your....ugh...you travelled with a great Shadow Knight named Oxuan Farmer. He was the fourth greatest Shadow Knight in a world must more treacherous than the land you tread now. For instance, the arena and your sessions with Balmon…and Crammok…the sand you set foot in allows anyone to attack. The difference is that in our world…these rules apply to everywhere. Those other men surrounding you, Syphonlick, Dreddid and Igelei, they are the 1, 2, 3 Strongest Shadow Knights.

Syphonlick: That’s in no particular order…

Gildurath: Hush

Farmer: Who is that man, with the bow and pointy ears

Bittsie: Gildurath was our leader…something that you understand as Cheiftain. The allegiance you presented to your, God of War in this land…is a comparison.

Astatine: Am I needed here?

Farmer: Where might I find this Oxuan…

Bittsie starts to cry again…I can’t do this guys.

Melitlee: lol I wonder why he did not call Symgharl

Jefferz: Ox…you are… what is his name? Famer…ok ..listen.

You know, your house still stands…the trophies…the shields and paintings on the wall. In your absence some of us has taken care of it. Who would have thought that as you, and the Army died. That your will to fight was so strong that it manifested into you…here

Bittsie kneels down and holds the Farmers, shivering and distraught face up towards him. Close. It is only then that the Farmer realizes that the contours of his face was an indication that he, in this form, is at the very least not human. He sees that the partial reflection of the Dwarven’s armor gives a partial view of his face which appears to be chubby and green.

Farmer : jwndondssdonsd (crying hysterically, scooting away yet trapped in the circle)

Bittsie: Shhhhh I know…I know….just breath and listen. Farmer…you are ..you died. The Shadow Knight Oxuan, was…it was you. When our army collapsed and betrayed by an evil queen named Quedy….you went mad and took to the Docks in a land called Overthere….you left on a boat. On the way…this Oxuan , he must have (holding back tears) died…and in this process the remnants of his soul, somehow formed into you. We know this for two reasons.

Farmer starts to hyperventilate

Dreddid: Calm down Ox…breathe….breathe….some of us, will join you soon.

Bittsie: Besides calling for us in your sleep, your name is descreatly connected to Oxuan.

Farmer: How..how so

Bittsie: ________ is something used to hold water…and commonly referred to as a toilette. This represents you self deprecating nature...you always made it a point to bask in the aura of humbleness.

Syphonlick: A shxtter!

Gildurath: HUSH!

Bittsie: __________, is another animal…closely related to an Ox

Dreddid: The name also means “kiss me” in Italian….as usual…his romantic streak continues…even after death

Jefferz: Lets let Bittsie continue, ffs

Bittsie wipes the tears from the face of the Farmer

Bittsie: Would you like to see your former life? When you once commanded 50 soldiers? Would you like closure…so you may continue on Danu. Be warned; once you see this…you will no longer be able to move on Danu under the patronage of being a newb. You responsibility will grow to that of the one druid you follow.

Farmer: You mean the one of the pillars of N..(interrupted)

Bittsie: Yes. In our world, his good will is equal to the silent healer over there

Cannon: nods..

Farmer: I am ready.

Bittsie then turns to Gildurath…

Gildurath: So be it. It will hurt, but he will recover.

Bittsie placed her left palm on the forehead of the Farmer, covering his eyes. The Farmer then goes into…yet another dream….a dream inside of a dream. Murmers of a crowd around him gets louder…so loud that he yells to everyone to pipe down…then, he counts….in a voice that he knows is his, yet deeper and firmer…with a conviction only the most invested can carry and with the Burden of 50 or so soldiers hanging on every word.

40 seconds……20 seconds….start heal rotation……..10 …..9……4……go go go go Agro set. Start DPS now.

Reference: 2 years condensed into 7 minutes perhaps too long. The Farmer sees himself in skeletal form at the 1:27 to 1:40 mark.


The Farmer feels heavy…a thousand pounds….dragon points….raids…the memory fills his heart. Tears streaming down his face….he shakes ….screaming….NO NO NO FFS WHY…WHAT HAPPENED

Gildurath: Hold him down…he is going into cardiac arrest!

Astatine: too soon, should have waited until he was 120.

The Farmer shakes and scrambles, accidently knocking Bittsie backwards….Cannon moves under her…catching her in mid air…..Siphonlick and Dreddid hold the Farmer down

Why!!!!! Curse you Quedy….you filthy beast…….you….curse you!!!!!!!

Ah…Ahhhhaaaaa a haaaaa (crying uncontrollably)

Bittsie : Shhhhhhhh (crying)

Eirynn: (begins to cry)

Sevh: We did all we could do.

A Giant, Troll dressed in all black armor in a ghost form , hologram, appears.

Oxuan Farmer appears in ghost form: You know Bittsie….you know since the days of Tallon that I always loved y (interrupted)

Bittsie: I know…shhhhh

Siphonlick: Oh god….

Gildurath: It is done.

The Farmer blacks out...

Oxuan: He’ll be alight. For he has already found counterparts that resemble all of you. For th God of War, appears to be like you Bittsie and that General who complained of these Idols appears to be similar to you Igelei.

Gildurath: Nice to see you Ox.

Jefferz: Why are you not with us, among the Legends?

Dreddid: isn’t it obvious. He went to Hell, not Heavan

Astatine: Wow

Fourarms: Oh oh I get it. So he went to hell with Dante, Baile and False, so the piece of him that was pure turned into this guy…so what…

Dreddid: He is trying to do what he failed to do on Zek, to gain entry to where we are.

Moordred: Poor twisted soul.

The Farmer wakes up, still in his dream..

Farmer: What do I do. Where do I go from now…I follow Gildurath

Gildurath: No you don't follow me anymore....you follow that God of War lady… listen…your journal is clear to us, yet you are too novice to read inbetween the lines of your thoughts. It is telling you what to do. It is better it came from the Shadow Knights. You former self followed them. Dreddid,,,Igelei…go

Dreddid: You may not understand, but do not use the combination elixirs that Danu is addicted to. At least get to 150 First.

Igelei: Inspect the general jewerly set in your journal entry 5 in the castle, you know the one that refered to you as maggot? He may not like you, but take his advice about enduring guard, and buy the rings he has with the rest of your gold. Something like..physical attack and Spell attack evasion will do you good.

Dreddid: Become the Right Arm of the God of Danu. Become the heart of the God of War. Become the good will of Druid who has fathered the children of Stonevale. Pay the unbreakable twitching man...

Farmer: Pay him?

Dreddid: it will catch him off guard...shove 1k gold in his face and ask him if he has time to discuss the art of tanking. Remember, beyond gold, armor, the greatest asset in your new world is information.

Melitlee: Essentially, it is the twitching man you must emulate, but you, as you are now…are too weak to Tank.

Farmer: He told me to change to full tank at 120.

Moordred: Then knowing is half the battle.

Bittsie: The Princess you met in Otherworld, She helped you chop down some trees. Keep good relations with her, for she is the only one who can talk sense into the Blind King and Queen. This is of most importance, for they aim to crush the army that has received you.This will prove to make sense when you reach 150.

Melitlee: For Danu’s sake find a taunt ring.

Syphonlick: Become Sick…become nasty .beco(interrupted)

Moordred: Oh and let me save you some time for this world is too young to understand this and this...OTM Overlord acts the same as Blizzard and Sony....remember your Armor is more important to you than your Health.

Igelei: I know right....to imagine what Ox would do if he saw his ....whataver this is setting up his build to achieve health over armor...lol he would have killed him where he stood haha.

Eirynn: Shhh...(Leans in and whispers)….remember Ox..er Farmer. Remember that your greatest trait.

The Farmer rises to his feet..knowing..nods at Eirynn…weeping but controlled

Farmer: Aye…my greatest trait

Astatine: Aye

Gildurath: Indeed

The Farmer leans in and kisses Bittsie deeply....holding her tight pushing his pelvis deep into hers. The rest of the Legends gasp....look away.

Bittsie, reluctantly gives in.

Farmer: been wanting to do that ever since we cleared Time and Dreadspire, forgive me. Thank you hun.

The Farmer waves, slowly fading away...

The farmer sees the light dim. And the 13 figures fade to black and feels his body descending to earth. He hears the murmers of clan members getting loud and water….running water.

Atrisal’s up
Can I have a DD please
Does clan bank have Mind Tablets

Murmurs get louder….the running water becomes the catalyst that takes the farmer out of his deep sleep.

The Farmer wakes up by the castle in the fountain…floating on his back…water splashing him in the face. He quickly pushes away someone offering foxgloves for a price so annoying that his only response was to block him.

Walking to the mailbox….he mails items meant to sell for gold, directly to each one of his Generals titled “Clan Donations”…and notices a piece of mail sent to him with no title nor sender name. A Large Box inside a note, one ring, and one blue pitchfork and 50k gold.

The note reads:

Your greatest trait is Loyalty.

The eyes of the farmer seem to have a different tone. New responsibility creates a disposition of perceiving Danu in more of a holistic fashion. An egocentric view of the world diminishes as he, in the wee hours of the morning, can finally see Danu from a bird’s eye view, which grants him an unfounded wisdom.

Farmer: I see, so they are no true alliances here, clan alliance is a false premise, and alliances are more stronger with similarity of one’s level rather than one’s clan.

The Farmer writes the words of his former Generals on his coat for reference

Become the right arm of the God of Danu
Become the Heart of the God of War
Become the Good Will of the Druid who is the Father of Stonevale

The Farmer then places the torch in his left hand with the banker, and then holds a pitchfork in his hand…noticing how light it is…a swings it around. Perhaps he should try this out on Crammok before heading out into the world.

Farmer: Loyalty…a fading concept here…will be axiom that will free my former self from hell.

Warmly, Farmer

P.S. I believe I finally have closure, yet it still hurts. I feel a deep sense of shame for letting down so many soldiers. I am grateful to still live even in this weak form. I will follow the direction of those who have accepted me, and model the behavior of those I envy.
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Re: The Farmer's Journal

The twitching man is clearly twitch from unbreak and whats this talk about theblindking from prime about?
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