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Hello Veterans

Hello! If you are a fellow Celtic Hero Android Vet. Example if your from old clans like, Predestined, Relentless, DivinityZ. I want to know who still plays from May 2014. It would be great to have old players back. Hardcore mode unlike now its easier than ever! We want it to be difficult and have more team effort. <3 Come Back.

Re: Hello Veterans

Hey pigslayer, quite a lot actually still play. Myself, Ace, killface, mino is sometimes seen. Would suggest others but unsure if they've been there from the start.
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Re: Hello Veterans

what was that clan that that guy named "You" had? truth is, Balors hayday was when android officially went live...hell, beta was pretty fun too at the beginning. there is absolutely no comparison from the beginning to how this server looks now. I log on every now and then to get daily xp and sometimes lix for fifteen minutes. truth is that I find very little incentive to invent my time or money into this game when the server is under populated. I don't want to be left hung out to dry. #mergeandroidserversnow

Re: Hello Veterans

I'm from October 2011... Newbies lol :P
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