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Selling / Buying Luxury

Golden Blade of Ice - Price: 180,000
This blade has been tempered in magical ice. The freezing energy that flows across its surface confers massive cold damage, boosts strength and grants resistance to heat-based attacks.
Slot: Offhand
Cold Damage: 200
Weight: 10
Level Requirement: 50
Resist Heat: 150
Strength 75
Cost: 250000

Golden Helm of Severity - 105,000
The enchantments woven into this helm enhance the wearers attacks with additional cold damage.
Slot: Head
Cold Damage: 50
Armour: 10
Weight: 15
Level Requirement: 50
Attack: 150
Cost: 150000

Freezing Axe of Triumph
Freezing Helm of the Veteran
Talisman of the Earth

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