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Buying skill Rings and Selling Lux

Buying Royal and Grand Ring of Shadowstrike. Please pm!

I will be usually online at :Newborn: from 21:00 to 23:30 GMT+8. But I can be online anytime just pm me i can get your messages. Thanks.

Also selling Luxury Helm:
Golden Eagle Chieftain Helm
This glorious helm is traditionally worn by the Chieftain of a Clan. An eagle, wrought from solid gold, stands resplendent upon its crest.
Slot: Head
Armour: 24
Weight: 12
Attack: 20
Defence: 20
Health: 40
Energy: 40
Cost: 50000 NOW 40% off!! 30,000 and it yours!

Ancient Langdex
Slot: Main Hand
Piercing Damage: 38
Attack Speed: 2018
Weight: 12
Dexterity Requirement: 40
Class Required: Rogue
Cost: 21000 Selling it for 14,000!

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