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Role playing?

Just started this game, and would love to find some other RolePlayers in Baylor server to RP with! Im an ExWoW player with tons of rp experience, as well as raiding dungeoning endgame as well. Just looking to have fun and kill time/monsters and build a character with some other folks! Anyone out there?

Re: Role playing?

Gaidal the wise wrote:Is Exodus a Clan?

Yes, welcome to the server. Great to have a new player, as far as I know we(EXODUS) are recruiting players around the level 55 mark, we'd be happy to have you.. although lots of terms & conditions to abite by. Hit me up ingame Aeryn :)
Aeryn - 220+ Rogue
Aeya - 100+ Ranger

Long live Balor! :lol: ;) :lol:

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