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Nothing is spawning in

I logged in to Celtic heroes about 3 days ago and the login said I needed to update...I completed the update and everything seemed fine...After my next login, I went to the otherworld to try to see the new zone but I noticed there was no enemy NPC's and I died without even seeing a creature...I fast traveled back to the castle...there is no music and no shopkeepers just other players...I thought bug fixes would solve this but nothing helped...I cant even use the mailbox or auction...Im on the lir server and Im a lvl 91....I need this account

Re: Nothing is spawning in

Hey queenlayla,

This is possibly caused by conflicting data after you updated.

If you take a note of your username and password then go to Settings - Applications - Celtic Heroes - Delete Cache - Delete Data then relaunch the game it should fix this problem.

Thank You.
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