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Transfer from Lir to Crom

These are a list of items i have to trade for chests, gold, or items.

Pathfinder set
1.6 million gold
Numerous potions, restos, idols
Some elixirs
2 vendor vitality rings
1 170 silverweb ring of pummel
Mount and pet tokens
Brutal razorback 90% plus reg
Imperial emberdrake +100 vitality and skill dmg
Imperial bathide charm
Offhand fiery axe
Spellwrought club
Arcane dagger of haste
Godly vitality and strength bracelets
Plenty of miscellaneous stuff in bank

Disclaimer: This will take some time as i am not just going to hand over millions in equipment and gold. Expect logging in and out numerous times as highly unlikely i will transfer more than a couple hundred thousand at a time. No low levels please. Preferably 160+ as you have at least most likely invested a couple months of your time in this game.
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