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Selling ._.

got a few things for sale plz pm me here or in game with offers

Yellow hunter
Black hunter
Pink lanrik
green lanrik
yellow fg (snowbound gloves)
orange fg
black fg
white shangal
turq shangal
full black smug
rad yellow wyld hat
Lustrous blue trappers hat
black coven hat
orange/yellow/red lanrik boots
orange woad
white/green/orange/yellow crowns
tons of wigs
ghostly black wolf mask
spectral green skull mask
sleighmasters hat

~Fash Charms~
Red spectral
spectral charm
blue necro charm
4 dif boggan charms
firbolg bowmen charm
2 tree charms (one radiant)

5% dragon staff
40% winter storm skimmer
80% regen unicorn
85% regen unicorn
100% white horse with 30% speed skill and 15% hp boost

Nightfall horn of spiders
Ritual harp
Spirit harp (aeon)
warding harp x2
Resplendent Bagpipes (rarest) x2
Frozen warhorn
Crystal harp of ice
Ritual flute (aeon)

~Other items~
Full greater solstice set
Golden shrink charm
Cane of bats

Will update as things sell IGN Krummy9552/Krumz/Krums?Krumzor
World: Gwydion Clan: Relentless

Krumz~220+ Mage
Krums~220+ Dps Druid

Retirement dident work out for me .-.

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