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Re: Shadowbolt3 is a dweeb

Serethem wrote:I agree shad sucks.

Sere where'd you go?! You vanished ._.
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Re: Shadowbolt3 is a dweeb

Loco cola wrote:
boymclir wrote:
betus wrote:If you look up the definition of dweeb it says: shadowbolt3 :lol:

In all seriousness tho, im not even sure what a dweeb is. Its jst a joke the two of us have had for the last few years lol

Is this what happened if I lvl 220+?. If i play too much celtic heroes i would say a word i didnt know what means. Im scared now to play this game too much.

You play the game? I thought you just derailed every forum post with posts about auto play and how the game is p2w


boymclir wrote:Plz add autoplay!

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