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Re: [blank] is a scammer

Serethem wrote:Blank scammed you?

What a stupid question....
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Re: [blank] is a scammer

Muldar wrote:
Metallica wrote:Again with otm protecting the criminals of CH.

We are protecting players such as yourself who may be accused of scamming whilst being totally innocent.

I'd already said it within another thread but the names have been passed onto Support and further investigations have been carried out.

Let the people of the forum decide freely.
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Re: [blank] is a scammer

nothing actually gets done about scammers anyway... back in my nub days i was scammed a few times and all otm did was send me a msg about being careful with my items, baring in mind this was before the trade had the warning and extra confirm button so i couldnt do anything about it
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Re: [blank] is a scammer

we should outcast QS the dbag who robs people of their hard earned items. That they played for or paid for. Awesome. The whole not naming policy is garbage. People should have the right to know who these dirtbags are so they're aware. To say the policy is to protect us all because someone could spread a lie on a player is foolish. People know who the righteous players are and who the the unrighteous players are. Change the rule or put an announcement in forums for people to vote on this ridiculous policy. Bet everyone would vote YES TO CHANGE IT.

Re: [blank] is a scammer

"Re: Xfer
Postby KINGSAYF » Wed Jun 15, 2016 9:39 pm
Hi i would like to do an xfer with you. At the moment i am xferring from crom to arawn so since you have items on arawn could you let me know which and we can carry out an xfer. Thank you. Will be back here after i come back from school trip. Thank you
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