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Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

I've been seeing other other IOS worlds doing this kind of thing and I thought we needed one. I'll start off.

As many know my ign is Desolate (level 125 ranger) and I've been playing since last October when the Halloween event took place or that's my main since then.. But I've truly started playing since the mask of lugh event was held but that was long ago and a story I don't remember to well. I really don't have a clan story to tell because the last clan I was ever in was me remembering myself as always clanless or I think... But I remember when I first played I thought this game wasn't worth the time and that it lacked the animation of how a MMO is suppose to look like but I gave it a try and it turned out it was worth. I didn't know what to train on and didn't know what to do really all I knew was kill whatever on sight and eventually I'll be the strongest but that didn't go so well because the first thing I killed or attempted to kill was a dragon (mask of lugh event I think) and it turned out horrible! Then I found tons of people running around collecting yellow crystals and so I did the same thing hours past by and then I read something from the shout saying someone wanted to buy yellow crystals for 100-75g each and man I thought that was a lot of cash! I trade him/her and holy I made banks in total of 700g I thought I was a legend and that I could buy everything but I was wrong. My very first toon was a rogue and my highest level was 13. After that I took a break. Then came along a ranger and a very known ranger known as ScOpE met friends and friends I still know and in touch with well story short I lost that account because of my stupidity. Took another break and decided to think after all the thinking decided to come back and buy platium and I did last years Halloween event sold some chest and was known around Crom again and that's where it ends. :D

Now introduce yourselves Crom!
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Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

Hey there Freeshot here! The first time I played was around late October when you started Des and I remember we would train together and since then we been good buds lol and Des your story is funny lol 700g! But as Des story goes I wasn't that much of a nub and the clans I've ever been in was Invitcus if that's spelled correct and that clan was the best clan I've ever been it they helped me through leveling (level buddies) and helped with bosses when I needed the help they would also have banks incase you needed the drops and that was helpful for my warden thanks generals! But then one day fellow friends of mines that were in Invictus decided to leave and so did I but I'll never forget the first clan I believe I joined because they were as a helpful clan than you can get and we were still developing and I think I was also in puffin HUH I don't remember aha but I know I was in powerful clans lol. Oh yeah and leveling was hard because i too didnt know where to train but you were there when i needed you des always helpful lol. But anyways yeah that's about my story and how I got here lol hope this helps! And I'm kinda new to forums lol so help me out here? And I'm level 103 and also a ranger and one of Crom's finest. :lol:

Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

It's a mage! It's an a**hole! Oh wait, it's just armo.

Many dislike me because I enjoy expressing my thoughts, but that's okay! Nuke sometimes has to put her majestic hand around my mouth because I'm no different to my clannies. :lol:
Anyways, my CH history. Chose Crom because it had the least ping (Clearly the best way to choose a world). Created a mage because why the hell not, my obsession with match sticks as a kid finally paid off.

Played solo without talking to anyone, clearly everyone else was anti-social not me..., until I hit my 30s and met this noob ranger called XilentXoul. We both loved murdering Connacht, so our friendship grew pretty strong from day 1. He then joined a clan called CrimsonRose, and I joined a clan called ShadowPaladin.

ShadowPaladin wasn't too bad, it was your average casual clan for nooblets who haven't been playing the game for too long. But after a couple weeks, I met an awesome trio of brothers in CrimsonRose called Magedwithrage, Strangeranger and Brutaka! They would assist me whenever I needed and wherever I needed. Without any further ado, I left ShadowPaladin and entered the world of CrimsonRose!! (#bestclan2012)

In CrimsonRose I met and befriended the group of people that to this day I am still insanely close to (Kabuto, Dudezzy, Adoornob2, Danu just to name a few). It was an insanely chill clan where everyone would help everyone and clan chat would be live and hilarious pretty much all the time. Group leveling in OW and bossing all day was the paradise that was felt in Update 3.

A good couple months in Crimson and the clan was asked to merge with SoulsIgnited (one of the strongest clans in the game at the time). Some of us didn't really feel like merging, but the majority vote held that the merge was to take place. So after a week of voting, CrimsonRose members left and joined SoulsIgnited which felt like CrimsonRose except on a much larger scale!

This transition was pretty great. Killing bigger bosses and more people to level with was just fantastic. Making new friendships which would last for ages were also created, and SoulsIgnited eventually made it's title as an 'end-game clan'.

Heading into Update 4...

Spending a good 8-9 months in SoulsIgnited, it truly felt like home and leaving the clan was an option that was only joked about... *cue dark music* Until Rebirth was formed.

Now Rebirth was special clan, to put it one way. Bent on ruling Crom and verbally bashing the top clan (Seed), they would pretty much recruit anyone who was high enough level to contribute at boss fights. SoulsIgnited was only maintaining very thin links with Rebirth fortunately, and remained a very chill and fun clan to be in.. Until the chief of Rebirth was found to be a scammer! What a plot twist.

To avoid naming and shaming and all that jazz I'll make this quick: SI decided to (unfortunately) to recruit a large amount of ex-rebirth, along with all their Seed-hating mindsets, which in turn did a good job in corrupting one of the most family-like clans in Crom's history.

This left many people with no choice but to leave SI to avoid being tainted with their newly gained bad reputation, and finding themselves giving Seed a shot. Surprisingly enough, Seed wasn't the greedy bunch of a**holes that we were always told about! It was a very well established clan with a secure leadership and mature people who didn't believe in bashing other clans just for the sake of it! And here I reside, after almost 8-9 months with zero regrets and an amazing clan to log into and play with!

The End.

(tl;dr armo is amazing amirite?)

I didn't proof read, so to any English academics or grammar Nazi's: have fun

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Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

Hi. I'm typing this on my phone so it may get sloppy. Before I get into my celtic heroes life I'm going to start a little bit before that. I played this game on the xbox 360 called total miner forge ( i know look back at that game and realize how dumb it was ) and I joined a random server and started talking to the host of it. We started to become good friends and he introduced me to a fabulous game called celtic heroes around June 2012 ( this special person that showed me the game was vintageprime ). My first memory in this game was seeing nukegurl shoot a friendly puppy in highshore village and doing like 2000 damage. I was in shock and told her how awesome she was. I also remember playing the game most of my summer and ended up stopping around level 40 because "it was too hard to level" i know think back how much i miss being able to level every 5 minutes. Then I picked the game back up in February 2013 and realized my good old pal vintage no longer played. I joined a clan called Valhalla when I was about level 60 and I thought it was amazing. Later on i think I left that clan and joined puffin and reached level 100 7 months later in august 2013. After puffin i think i joined invictus or rebirth ( idk what came first ) and got full frozen from the first clan. I then leveled until I was level 152 and took a long break. This was around February 2014 I think. I'm not sure. I slowly made my way from 152-157 and it only took 4 and 1/2 months.i decided it was too hard and I made a rogue. Who I now have at level 110 and barely go on him. I then joined soulsignited in the middle of July or so. Since then I have been leveling once a day and am now a level 177 ranger. The end.
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Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

Hello there DRoberts here and some of you may know my other alts. Unlike most of you guys, I haven't been playing this game real long. I believe I started in January after spending sometime finding games on the App Store to play. After downloading the game, I created a ranger and I spent maybe 5 minutes playing it and quit. Maybe 2 weeks or so later I got very bored and decided to try again. As I played I hopped from clan to clan as I leveled more. I believe my first clan was a noob clan called Celtic heroes (very original lol). I got to like level 18 in my first day and I thought I was so BA (pretty good considering I had no clue what I was doing). After reaching level 40 or so I met a really cool guy that's still a good friend now and one of the few people I truly trust named clock. After reaching level 60 I joined a great clan called dawnguard that later merged with mysticmango. Many people didn't like the merge so they left and dawnguard just completely broke up. So after many people left, I met one of the sweetest people I know on the game named Aino or as some of you know her as Maraana, and I left mysticmango to join NatureChild. She was always helpful, protective and nice as can be. So I have stayed and probably will always stay in her clan. Other than that I met some other great people in my playing time. Around level 70 is when I first met Purplerain. She gave me a red huntsman mask for free that matched my red fg. Later on we became better friends and she was such a nice and funny person. Also, I met one other great friend through dicing when I first started hosting. His name is Sicarius, always a cool guy and very trustworthy. Although, he robs me of all my gold every time I dice with him. Haha but it's no big deal. As of now though, I don't play on my ranger much, instead I play on my sexy and awesome fire Mage who also remains clanless. But in all, during my whole CH experience I have met really cool people and made some great friendships and I'm glad I actually decided to play. So that's my story. Thanks for reading.... If you actually did. :)

Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

Hi I'm PurpleRain,
Started playing at the tender age of 14 back in 2011. I started in Epona got to 60. I quit playing for school had to keep a high enough GPA. I achieved that June 2014. Had insomnia for about a year so that didn't help. Grew up without parents who are deceased since I was almost 7. Lost a young sibling 2012 so that made stuff worse. I've got a twin who annoys me but I love him and other siblings.

I started playing to escape reality. I chose mage because I'm hot. In other words confident, a bit conceited if you will. I leveled solo on Crom 1-138. Then I was convinced by 2 players to give grouping a shot. I had lots of fun. I been pretty spoiled with money. I realize it was a way for family to try and help me deal with great losses. I decided to get a job pay my family back.

I remember someone telling me to go find something or ask Nukegurl. I asked, "Who is that?" and they asked, "What planet are you from?" I told them planet Venus which happens to be my real name :/ I'd see her zoom by on a carpet and vanish like a ghost. I met a mage named Kru who grouped me at lvl 80 on a Boss. I thought, "Whoa I'm not doing any dmg yet still grouped me?" I'm going to be like Kru. I've come across so many cool people too many to name.

I've never joined a clan because most of the time after seeing a few bicker it turned me off. Either that or to hear join us we are the best clan ever. Then next week they aren't in it themselves lol. Through that discouragement I figured I should probably swing solo. Got 1-190 in 2 months a year ago July 2013 which I felt was a mistake. The reason, I've played with plat and without. Found not rushing just as fun. (MINUS CHESTS! that's no fun not having.)

I've been told I have a personality like no other out of game. I've been told I can be found under secret characters based off of my personality. Hope that's a good thing. I would like to join a clan someday when I get back. A humble clan I can chill with and have fun. I got so bored being solo but I started to love the social aspect of the game more.

I'm a fashion addict real life and game. I'm learning to make dresses I draw. I'm studying forensic science as i want to solve crimes. I write poetry, play basketball in heels if I wanna. (My 3 pointers are insane). Why because us females can do anything :) Working on my cooking skills shhhh!
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Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

Such long introductions, much wow. Lets just get straight to the point. :D Im Heroskill and I'm a big nub (As you can see in my sig too). Done, nothing else to add that's all that their is to say about me :P #BiggestNubInCrom #BiggestScumBag Oooooo I forgot to add this but I also played since the beginning of CH :D I also get hate for killing lvl 100 and 50 boss during resets. I also really really really hate lvling..... its soooooooooooo boring.......... And finally i like being in a solo clan cause I hate people that spam or talk to much in clan chat xD (I'm being hypocritical) I spam the shout chat with Frozen songs xD and i love the reaction people give me :D

Since I'm bored Ill do a story about me and since I have nothing better to do .-. #NoLife. Anyways I started way back then in the day when I was a low lvl I made a char (forgot name) and a sometime later I gave up on that char and decided to make Heroskill who is my main today. I met these 2 people named yourmom1 (cool guy sadly he quit) and tnert (giant nub). We lvled for a while together and yourmom1 helped me with my gear and stuff it was a fun experience on CH. The giant faerie boss that was in front of that small tiny castle was always fun to kill those stupid giant snowman next to village and all those other stuff.... this was all 2011 i think I don't remember.... I know i got a Wand of Hallows and broom from Halloween event. .-. I then lvled up and joined Wargods which was Omas and tami's clan (note i am horrible with names) It was really fun in that clan .-. I met scorpy who is my fav nub and my bffl .-. and he helped me get ancient armor and stuff and then ow came .-. and i bought plat and eventually caught up to scorpy .-. Pvp also came out which made me really happy because for the first time ever I was ranked invincible on my warr......... now I'm wimpish .-. Don't judge me :'( Sadly Wargods eventually fell apart and I went clanless wait no i think i joined Dudezzys clan .-. i forget but then after that i remained alone in my own clan which was nice i really enjoy being alone in my own clan with only my alts :P (again no spamming) Eventually I started lvling again and not long after I got joined seed and stuff happened won't go into details cause we don't need to start an argument about something so stupid like that.......................... Anyways now I'm going solo and having fun and getting bullied by Lily with her bow in arena and lowering my hp to like 1 and then leaving me alone so that a low lvl will come and kill me like they always try to do -_-...... The end Biggest nub in crom :D
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Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

Heroskill wrote:Such long introductions, much wow. Lets just get straight to the point. :D Im Heroskill and I'm a big nub (As you can see in my sig too). Done, nothing else to add that's all that their is to say about me :P #BiggestNubInCrom #BiggestScumBag Oooooo I forgot to add this but I also played since the beginning of CH :D I also get hate for killing lvl 100 and 50 boss during resets. I also really really really hate lvling..... its soooooooooooo boring..........

You're cool because you make my arena visits much more enjoyable. Thanks Hero :D
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