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Selling / Buying!


White Lugh
Black Frostguard Set
Red Frostguard Set
Yellow Hunter Set
Lvl 100 Skyglass Str Lux Bracelet
Pumpkin Hat
80% Fellspine
95/40 Warthog
100/50 Warthog
Yellow Cape (1.5M in shop). From last event.
Lvl 180 Spear
Lvl 100 Wyld Sun Ammy
Lvl 150 Fiery Haste Dagger
Black Smug Cap
Pet tokens
Dragonlord drops, if payed well.


Black Smug Pieces
White Pirate
Camoflauge Charm
XP Charm... Offering 25-30M of Items / Gold for that.
Wyld 150 Sun Ammy
Lvl 140 Str/Dex Event Lux Set from last event
Lvl 190 Str/Dex Event Lux Set from last event
Purple Crowns/Horns/Idols, offering boatloads for that.
Toon Name: Mehran

Server: Belenus

Class: Rogue

Lvl: 186

1st person to get full DL outside of top 2 clans on Belenus. Got the first 2 sets, rouge and ranger.

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