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Re: Snorri 6* - Duoed

ScoobyDoo7 wrote:
Zyz wrote:Duoing a boss means you and one other toon killed it from the start to finish, not grabbing it at half health. I'm not sure killing snorri with 2 toons is all that impressive at this point in the game considering its been done a lot by now

But why is this in general chat and not in your specific server?

Also, after u got lock a few confused ppl helped u with the kill. So deff not a duo. But it reminds me of this one time when u and ur little friend tried snorri 6. U both had 2 toons there (that's a total of 4 for the mathematically challenged) and u wiped. What a waste of, what was it, 15 lixs between all 4 toons. Then there was another fun lock battle, and I believe sylph/elem took the kill that day.

The moral of the story here is that u can't duo snorri 6, ur just blowing smoke. And the attempt might have been impressive if not for the wasted lixs.

Why are you quoting me? I'm not the one that made the claim to duo snorri.
Zyz 220 Druid
Noah Fences 220 Rogue

Re: Snorri 6* - Duoed

ScoobyDoo7 wrote:I was talking about him claiming to duo snorri, and agreed with your post about it not being a solo since he took it at 1/2 health.

Oh ok. I was like how in the world did I get dragged into this.
Zyz 220 Druid
Noah Fences 220 Rogue

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