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Guardogs ultimate Warrior guide/build/skill set

First off,I'm gonna give all you warriors striving to become elite,the proper skills and order in which to cast them. I am doing this simply because I need the competition. Just because I've played the game for years,and leveled up to a high level doesn't mean I'm a snooty anal hole that keeps all the secrets to himself.
Skills: frenzy(maxed),shatter(maxed),then Rupture(maxed),followed by double attack,and lastly giant swing. Use the skills in that exact order,and you won't be disappointed. Those are the skills I use in order on every kill,and in pvp. Your build as a warrior is personalized to whatever type of warrior you want to become. My build is a strength hybrid build. This gives me plenty of attack,but I also keep high health. Clans need tanks,and dps Warriors as well,but I choose to stay hybrid so I can add a little of each. Plus it's fun as heck in pvp. Pay no attention to Criminoobs opinion of giant swing. I've been whooping him for years now with my giant swing bwahaha.

Re: Guardogs ultimate Warrior guide/build/skill set

I won't get into my exact stats on my build,because it won't help anyone. At my level the stats will vary quite a bit from a level 190 player. I don't claim to have the best warrior build on the server,I only state that the build I use is quite enjoyable for my needs. My gear is pretty basic too. I use a few lux items,as well as some event sets. I've dabbled in all the lux from events past,and kinda just use the stuff that fits my personality. Daisycakes and I have played the game for years,and have always shared our lux between us,so we have tried just about everything there is. I would like to see everyone let loose and spice things up on Belenus,but be respectable. I love a good trash talking,but know your place when it comes to this. I am gonna respect a guy that gets in the arena and gives me hell a whole lot more than a guy that gets killed and starts taking it personal. It's Never personal in the arena with me.

Re: Guardogs ultimate Warrior guide/build/skill set

im known as a hot head in Belenus that likes to start a ton of problems arena wise, I started a couple arena wars with certain clans and remember being happy when my glad was up and daisy wasn't in the arena. Don't try to guess who I am, you'll never get it
Level 210+ Warrior, Lugh

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