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Re: I'd Post There But Just Take A Look

XxaaronxX wrote:Ppl from benus are nice cept low lvl nubs who insult u for no reason. Haha i remember a lvl17 who was forcing everyone to give him all our gold. Everyone just eventually blocked him

nubs are nubs, no matter what server you play on lol
Crusher mm
Lvl 225+
Class Dino-Hammer wielding dps warrior
Server Belenus
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Muldar wrote: Crushermm is the best player ever.

Re: I'd Post There But Just Take A Look

You need something on Belenus,then find me. I'm a higher level player,but I refuse to allow Belenus to turn into a merch server. I have thousands of skill books that I either give away,or sell for 500-1k. I am a pretty big trash talker,and love to insult people,but mine are always for laughs. I got no problems helping out lower level players,and if your not a scammer,or an arrogant moron then I'd be glad to help. I remember starting out and running into all the snooty jerks that were higher levels than me,so I don't play those games.

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