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Something weird happened to my account

okay, my account stopped letting me log into belenus 2 weeks ago. I can log into other servers, just not belenus. the screen just gets stuck on 'loading game' I have 1. tried to log in on 3 different devices 2. delete and re-download CH 3. send 3 emails to support@onethumbmobile 4. contact support from another toon on arawn. My account was not banned, or at least i was not notified of any ban. My wifi is fine, two other people can log in and play on belenus in my house. Im posting this because i was told an admin might see it. My lvl 101 main is unaccessable and i hope that this will get me some help.

Re: Something weird happened to my account

The problem with the account is that you have 3 characters active on Belenus and only 2 character slots.

It appears you requested a character undeleted and this has taken you over the limit and this is why you are unable to log-in.

One of your characters will need to be deleted or extra character slots added to your account before you will be able to log back in to that server.
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