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Morrigan - Belenus Xfer

Hey heroes
My name is Introvert and iam going to xfer to here well hehe ill try here is a list of stuff ihave on morrigan and ild like to get money or items idc to here:)!

1.5m ammy 200 str
Midnight talisman
Vit /str set comrak 140 heat dmg
750k summer hp/energy 20 per tick attack one
750k ring 100str 25hp regen
Lvl 150 axe / shield
Anc wyrm spear / hammer
3aggy rings 40 magic x2 + 50heat
Haste / speed ring
80 str voc riftskull
60 str vit riftskull

Hero gloves boots
1.5m 200 str 120 ammy
750k str ring
1m nightflyer
80% phoenix rider
500k offhand axe
Ang wyrm dagger
Shivrewood set
Focus of mystic
Dark magic grim
Aggy brac Vitality druid , foc brac druid
Aggy brac : rogue reflex +5 75dex +250 dagger
Rend 5+ 250 spear
Black lugh
Sparkling green crown
Void str trident

Thanks for have a look! :)
Pm me here or ingame on morrigan ( scarh) 180 rogue:)
CouchPotato 223 Rogue, Belenus

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Re: Morrigan - Belenus Xfer

Its not only that not many ppl (mostly not ppl with that amount of gold or items as u have) leave Belenus, its that most ppl who leave Belenus have Morrigan as nearly their last option.
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Re: Morrigan - Belenus Xfer

Beast25 wrote:Yeah belenus is the best and well morrigan sucks unless you are in avalon.

Morrigan has crimsix, I like that guy.
#NerfMages #AvoidBalance #WhyPlayARogue #MeatShieldOnly #HealingSlavesOnly

OP dps warrior on Belenus, hot af melee druid on Nuada. #Elementals #Apex

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