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Best Clans

Well, in all honesty the Belenus forum sucks so I wanted to ask a question-

In your eyes who are the top 5 clans on belenus?

I love to look at rankings but it kinda sucks to see TheSaints ranked 3rd when they don't even have a guy over lvl 70. I honestly want to know what u guys think so please don't be bias. Here are my top 5:

1) Elementals (pretty obvious)
2) LivingLegends
3) Advocate
4) Pantheon
5) Uprising

These are my thoughts, would love to see what you guys think :D

Re: Best Clans

well, advo could be now the top 2 in belenus
marcus created the higher lvls advo and ruined the clan, and now all the ppl (like rico jhim gencos spooge pala) r not in the clan anymore
and they got some really low lvls (even lvl 10)
elementals, a rich clan with a lot of strong ppl, not really a match against them
LL, also a good clan with a lot of strong ppl, idk a lot of ppl from there but i think that their lvl req is too low for them, they got some strong ppl
pantheon, im a guardian in this clan and as ik if u help u get help, simple, dont help dont except to get help
dragonspirit is a kind guy, he trust ppl in the clan easily and gives them drops for help (tho sometimes its not very good)
hes giving ppl drops by their help, max is the only general and his partner so hes 1st for warrior stuff, and as a partner he gives the most drops i guess
guardians r after, we got some so if the guardian is a helpful person and he'll ask first something he'll get it

Uprising, dont know a lot about this clan, i only know its pig's and beast's clan, and they got some high lvl ppl, all i can say is good luck for them, pigtail is a nice person as long as i know so im sure they'll do well

for my opinion advo or uprising r the last in that list, elem 1st and LL 2nd
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Re: Best Clans

Myhairisblue wrote:What about illuminati :) im kidding. My clan rocks in its special way.

It's special way being ksing people while they're on elix? So special..

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Re: Best Clans

Sorry blarf but uve just had an encounter with one of the lowly scammers on belenus (uses his brothers acct to scam me, claims his main is a respected high level, and probably much more). I hope your experience with everyone else is better. If you need advice pm me and I'll give u my version of who is helpful and trustworthy and who to stay away from
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