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Post what people you remember in the earlier days of CH.

(These are more focused and well remembered people of mine)I remember haggis, (vixen now) ironman, kithressa, ciderguy, (I saw him last month, he's not really active) tombguard, (he went to napster then Hannibal I think) northlander, reapergirl, (she plays still, she's 4/10 active, and is still as normal) scarlet, schmitdges. Clans: Achillies wrath, LEGIONS, underlords, (was linked to overlords) overlords, (HeXuS is the owner of underlords now I think)
Assassins, Legion, and that's it!
Post all well remembered people and clans of yours below.
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Re: Post what people you remember in the earlier days of CH.

back when i was a noob in may my fave ppl were Ainia (still signs on once in a blue moon) Darkblaze (who got to lvl 61 then got acct stolen, then made wukong and got to 60 and got acct stolen again, then made tryndamere who is now active in living legends and is in his 80's. Also Tod then darkblaze, then I was chief of Invictus. Then I left to join elementals after double xp weekend when I went from 73-106. then left elementals after a couple weeks to start advocate in mid august I think. My first member was XGaldalfX who also left elementals with me. he got his account stolen by paramedic. Then he made thedarkknight1 who was in enigma, not sure where he is now.
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Re: Post what people you remember in the earlier days of CH.

KiyKiy wrote:I miss recording times for bosses :lol: and then arriving a few minutes before your recorded time to prepare for the huge skyline/crew hustle and bustle

+1 I was just saying that the other day too, well on Rhiannon it was between old RaptureEve and EternalSin.
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