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Is this a good server to start in?

Hey guys, I was looking to start playing CH again after a couple years. Is Arawn a good server to start in? By this, I mean—friendly community, populated, a good drop rolling system (DKP, etc.), prices for goods are reasonable (not too low, not too high), and good clans.

Re: Is this a good server to start in?

There’s definitely a bit of tension between the top clan, Resurgence, and the second top clan, Colours, but that’s expected between two competitng clans for Endgame Bosses.

Both clans I believe run a DKP system and frequently compete for bosses, both clans killing bosses up to Proteus with the exception of Resurgence killing Gelebron and Bloodthorn. In terms of prices, there’s often a bunch of Platinum buying so prices are kept relatively average and pretty cheap (Chests bought and sold about 30-35k) and while population isn’t the highest of every server, there’s a pretty dedicated player base.

I’ve been in Arawn for a couple years (just started playing again this year) and always been surprised about the amount of in-game knowledge and experience some players have. For the community, there’s some history between some players so it creates some problems there, but the people are typically pretty nice and cool and always getting a bunch of people from different servers xferring here.

I would honestly recommend Resurgence as a clan to aim for and join (experience those Gelebron and Bloodthorn Raids :!: ), but I’m probably a bit bias there. The other main clans, Colours, DragonSouls, and Carnage, are not too bad of clans to join, but I would definitely say Arawn is a pretty good server to start in and hope to see you boss in Arawn with us if you join. ;)

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