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Is Colours cleaning Arawn?

Is it worth xfering? How are you able to outdps DG sets? how did this clan become so successful after all the harassment?
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Re: Is Colours cleaning Arawn?

There’s a pretty interesting dynamic going on in Arawn between different time zones and clans. Colours is contesting bosses up to Prot, but mostly during off-hours and also at DL/EDL Bosses.

If you want to xfer to Arawn, be my guest. Arawn has cookies. :POP: (its popcorn, but basically the same thing as a cookie lol)

Re: Is Colours cleaning Arawn?

Resurgence is a primarily est based clan (although they do have good graveyard players, ILY LORD142) and Colours is primarily Euro/Aussie so very different timezones and each clan tries to take advantage of it. But ima be in full honesty and truthfulness mode right now, some of the people who recieved dg sets dont know how to best use them like Fahimo or Lord or Carpe (gud dg sets) or several others yah, but some just dont know how to DG lol. Not naming names except those 3 who were good dps before dg and are amazing dps now. (Cri fahim never get kill over stoned at BT #Mages). But yah theres still some dps that are or were far better at there class that dont have dg. Like stoned for mages or girlsmama for druids..fahimo for a good time was best rogue without dg by far, ventius probably give dg sets a run for their money had he not xferred or changed his gear.

Also strategies come into play, Colours dont have the numbers Res does so we normally have longer kills and we might have to improvise more. (honestly so much fun).
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Re: Is Colours cleaning Arawn?

Not sure what you mean by cleaning but I assume killing all eg? Colours are able to kill up to proteus. The thing that separates colours and resurgence is a huge time zone gap. As far as outdpsing dg sets, I don’t think so. For example at 2am eastern time resurgence has a total of around 10 people online while colours can get around 20. So they currently are strongest while resurgence members are asleep.
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Re: Is Colours cleaning Arawn?

The difference between Colours and Res is very simple. Colours is a skill based guild. Res is a Zerg guild. Core values is a huge divider as well. I would make a few more honest comparisons, but the thread would get locked.

I think if you are looking at transferring...contact any member of Colours.

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Re: Is Colours cleaning Arawn?

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Re: Is Colours cleaning Arawn?

As has been mentioned, we (Colours) often work in different timezones to Res. We don't have the numbers that Res has, but we're strong in our timezone. We're just starting distributing dg pieces, we distribute based on attendance (no voting etc). I believe we've grown due to the dedication of many of our members and our unbiased drop distribution.
Our kills may be a bit slower but we get the job done and a bit of challenge is always fun!
If you'd like to join us we'd be happy to have you :) any questions feel free to ask!
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Re: Is Colours cleaning Arawn?

If you are a serious player and you want true endgame experience, only Resurgence Clan can offer it. We are the only clan who can kill Gelebron and Bloodthorn and it will be a long way more before any other clan can come close killing these bosses. We zerg kill gele and bt but we get the job done and enjoy the awesome loots. While a rival clan can kill Proteus, Res has been outlocking them recently by adapting some simple strategy. The only time the rival clan can get Peoteus is during graveyard shift when Res is sometimes low on numbers. Not sure what is meant by skills based clan versus zerg guild but what matters to me is whether we lock and kill bosses and right now, Resurgence is the only clan than can offers a true endgame experience. But if you are happy camping dl and edl and hrung and mordy day and night and don’t want to experience the thrill of killing gelebron and bloodtorn, then there are other clans you can join on Arawn.

Re: Is Colours cleaning Arawn?

Issra wrote:Is it worth xfering? How are you able to outdps DG sets? how did this clan become so successful after all the harassment?

Not worth. See your sig. oh and you started this post to stir up unfathomable.
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Re: Is Colours cleaning Arawn?

Oh by the way talking about skill based guild, is pulling adds on Res after we outlocked them at Prot considered as skill based? I think that’s the best example of what is meant by skill based. For Res we just zerg Prot, outlock rival clan and then zerg kill it whether adds are pulled on us or not. Lol.

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