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Dead Arena of Arawn

Hey, i am quite new to arawn and am wondering why the arena is so dead? why are not their friendly clan battles and mini games ect.
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Re: Dead Arena of Arawn

1. Killain is no longer worth the wait for majority of endgame players. So that takes out a lot of ppl.
2. Introduction of bounties. Kinda same as first point, back then lots would be in arena at daily reset for gladiator quest and so people being killed was more common because there was actually people entering. With the intro of bounties you no longer need to wait 30mins-2hours for a gladiator.
3. People found better use of their time then camping out arena
4. "Hated" people general pvpers as well as pvp greats such as (lonkar, silentgoots, exoutedgettings, hoho, zupper, veryn, castrolas, deadlylover, and myself) quit, arent as active, point 3 above, or just stopped going to arena because of the decline due to all the reasons above


Re: Dead Arena of Arawn

Simply put:
PVP brings nothing to the table. Area looks great and all, but there is nothing there.

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