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A new Dal Riata National Holiday that should be celebrated.

The official give THEONLYDICE free stuff month is coming up. For this month and this month only, give THEONLYDICE whatever junk you have (and maybe some expensive stuff too $-$) Make sure to join in the fun as Lord Mac Lir has already been the first donater and gave me a signet of Lir and expects gifts from everyone else! I heard that THEONLYDICE is only level 95 :( I think he needs some combos to lvl up some more :) I also heard that THEONLYDiCE needs some lux cuz he spent all his money on a unicorn :3 So come one, come all to the Give THEONLYDICE Free Stuff Month Festival in Farcrag castle. (Donations will also be accepted in THEONLYBANK and THEONLYGOD, two THEONLYDICE's toons) Remember, gimme combos and lux, and you'll have good luck :)
-THEONLYDICE, Chieftan of Cult, One and ONLY Cultmaster of Arawn, level 70 druid that sits in the castle all day,

"De wae is to merch until your stomach wanna perch and then you forgot that you're still level 5 with a bunch of lvl 190 lux...."

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